Sunday, March 11, 2012

My first blog post!

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So what is this whole Pinterest thing?
My Pinterest Board/Profile as visible on the IPhone app.

Hello! I am so excited about finally starting the blog I've been planning for months now. I find myself with a ton of creative energy these days and I think I owe a lot of that to If you haven't heard about it yet, it's a virtual pin board that allows you to visually bookmark pictures of things you love, cool ideas, recipes, crafts, how to's etc. These "pins" are organized into boards under a specific topic and serve as links to the web page the content was originally found on. You can always browse the category pages as well and "re-pin" things other people post. Think of this like a news feed.  It seems confusing, but it really is very simple.

Still lost?

Example: I love to find new craft ideas online so I use Google to see what I can find. I stumble across a site with a bunch of cool ideas that I might want to do, so I hit my "pin it" button (a bookmark installed on your browser) which opens a window with the images used on the site. I pick an image to attach to one of my "pins" and post it on one of my Pinterest boards to save it for a rainy day. Now, when I have a chance to do some crafting, I can open my pin board to pick my first project and follow the link to the page I found it on to follow the steps or read more about it.

Here's a link to my Pinterest profile if you're interested, and of course, let me know if you want an invite of your own to join the party. ;) The Patchwork Paisley on Pinterest  (update: You no longer need an invite to be a part of the Pinterest community!)

It is so rare that I find a thorough link attached to some of the DIY pins that clearly explains the "how tos" of the projects or documents some of the inevitable questions that always seem to pop up. From here on in my postings will contain mostly of my own attempts at some of the creative, funky projects I find on Pinterest. I plan to try everything from sewing, to jewelry making, kids crafts, interior decorating and beyond. I will document my steps throughout the process for you in case you would like to try it as well, and will also Pin my own examples so that other happy Pinners might use my own experiences to inform theirs!  If I mess it up, I will take a picture of it and post it so that you don't repeat my mistake, and if it works for me you'll see the end result and can ask me any questions you might have along your own venture. Have some suggestions that you might want me to try? I'm open to them, but I gotta warn you my "to try" list is already pretty long and growing... [Pinning as we speak ;) ]

Im excited! Ready, set, go...


  1. Hey there! I just wanted to stop by and say thanks for the follow on Bloglovin'! I'm happy to be following you back :o) Hope you're having a great Monday :o)

    1. Thank you for coming by! I love your blog and just linked up on your Pinterest linkup!


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