Sunday, May 20, 2012

New Use for the Everyday Item

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I have had this iron wall hanging literally directly above my jewelry box (actually, it's more like a jewelry bureau) for over 2 years and just the other day when I was trying to reorganize the tangled mess of baubles and sparklies I had an inspiration: I should hang some of my jewelry from it!

The hanging itself I got from Big Lots a few years back. It couldn't have been more than $15, and now it's doing double duty! I chose to hang some of my more forgotten jewelry items that sometimes get glanced over in favor of some of my signature pieces and so far it had been a great way to refresh my daily accessory selection process- plus, it looks kinda pretty!

Just thought I'd share- not much of a project, but sometimes the quick little tasks can be just as rewarding.

Stay tuned for my next posting chronicling my adventures in painting my fridge with chalkboard paint- it is sure to be full of great tips for those of you who have seen the idea (as I did) on Pinterest and wondered just how "simple" is it REALLY? (Here's a hint: on an existing black fridge it is probably not so hard- my fridge, however, was white. Not a thought I had before starting the process, mostly because I had little to no "how to" information readily available, but you my friends will have it all :)


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