Sunday, October 28, 2012

A Halloween Treat

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Quick and Easy Halloween Treat

I had to take a minute to share these. I've been seeing all sorts of cool Halloween-themed treats floating around Pinterest lately. This idea came from a good friend who brought them to our first Halloween party about 6 years ago. We go all out for Halloween and continue the yearly Halloween party tradition that was started by my parents years ago. I decided to bring back these Brownie eyeballs this year, and I'm so glad I did. Everyone loves them (especially Violet who just eats the M&Ms off of them.)

Just a Few Easy Steps:

- Make and bake brownies as you usually would. I went for Betty Crocker's fudgy mix.
- Wait for brownies to cool to the touch, but not completely, then dig in with your hands and roll them into balls. I went for golf ball sized so the M&M iris would be proportionate. 
- Heat up some white melting chocolate (sold at AC Moore and other craft stores.)
- Drop in the brownie balls one at a time very gently. The first one I made crumbled because I was holding it too tightly and picking it up from the top. If your brownies are too hard around the edges, give them a little squeeze as your form them. This should bring out some of the oil and help it stick together a bit.
- Put the dipped eyeballs on wax paper (or foil) and drop an M&M in the center of each. 

Now Decorate! 

You can pick up a small tube of black decorative icing for the pupil and red for the veins. I didn't have the red handy this year and instead mixed some good ol' store bought, white icing with a few drops of red food coloring in a ziploc bag. Poke out the corner out with a paperclip (scissors will create a bigger hole and therefore larger "veins") and decorate! 

And there ya have it! A slightly creepy, but delicious addition to any Halloween spread.

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