Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Fun Halloween Decor

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Gourdgeous 'staches and Fangs

I am so in love with these little guys and sincerely wish they weren't going to rot away in a few weeks! Thankfully they are super easy to make.

I've had a pin on my Pinterest since last Halloween and couldn't help but snicker every time I came across it. The other night I decided to try my hand at some "pumpkin couture" with a bottle of wine and a good girlfriend. During a quick stop at the local craft store to pick up various Halloween crafties I came across a sheet of fuzzy mustache stickers and just couldn't help myself. When I remembered that I had also just discovered a wealth of plastic vampire teeth among all our Halloween paraphernalia, I knew it was meant to be. Thus came my twist on these Pinterest- inspired little dudes. 

I used a short blade kitchen knife to cut small, rectangular holes for the fangs. about 1.5in. x 3in. Scoop out the pumpkin guts (just a small amount in these itty bitty gourds) and insert fangs.

 Add a mustache and somehow it's instantly cooler.
 You can even draw and cut them out of black paper that you have handy! 

That's pretty much it!

Getting Fancy.

When I could finally tear myself away from my new fanged friends, I used some of the feathers and frills I had to decorate a few more medium-sized pumpkins; Some shiny letters on top of stripes made with glittery, black craft tape, flourished with a sparkly spider- the best part? I should be able to pull some of these decorations off to use again next year (so long as I didn't over do it with the hot glue...)

*Quick tip: Use black electrical tape to cover an unsightly rough patch. It has just enough shine, staying power, and you can paint on it immediately.

                 Trick or Treat!

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