Wednesday, July 31, 2013

I'm Not Sorry...

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Found this here. Pretty much sums things up.

I'm feeling pretty guilty today...
Actually, who am I kidding. Guilt is an every day feeling for me. I am a people pleaser and though I wish I could believe myself when I say "I don't care," or "I'm not sorry," deep inside my stomach is in knots worrying about who I might offend, or what someone may think. Currently I am 38 weeks pregnant, patience is on short supply, and I'm feeling particularly agitated today. Please excuse me for hanging up my "super mom" cape and not being my usual sunshine and rainbows self, but consider this an exercise in the name of being a bit more like this:                      
And a bit less like this:                    

Here is a list of 10 things
 "I'm not sorry" for today...

1- I'm not sorry for publishing the F word on my blog. I know it can be shocking, but sometimes it is just the right word. I promise not to overuse it, but I'm not about to apologize when I do.

2- I'm not sorry that I've already eaten about 5 of the chocolate chip cookies I baked yesterday. (Or for the ones I'm sure I'll eat tonight.)

3- I'm not sorry for running over the sidewalk chalk my 3-yr-old refused to clean up today, just to prove a point. (Ok, I didn't really do that, but I seriously considered it.)

4- I'm not sorry for counting down the days until I can drink again and I won't be sorry for purchasing the test strips that can test the alcohol level in your breast milk either. 

5- I'm not sorry for rolling my eyes like a teenager at the 8-year-old girl at the park who snottily said "excuse me" because she just had to use the monkey bars I had parked my big ol' butt in front of at that exact moment.

6- I'm not sorry for screaming at the jack asses down the street setting off fireworks at 9:30pm, 2 weeks after the fourth of July, waking Violet up every 10 minutes. They're lucky that's all I did...flaming dirty diapers did cross my mind, kind of like this woman.

7- I'm not sorry for giving the time-out step a little extra love today. 

8- I'm not sorry for pointing out to people that, though related in a way (part of the reason I like the names together,) Violet and Ruby are not both colors, and no I wasn't planning on naming a boy Hunter or Indigo. A Ruby is a gemstone. 

9- I'm not sorry for giving myself the "clean-up sticker" (and wearing it proudly) that Violet failed to earn tonight when asked to clean up her play room.

10- I'm not sorry for being a people pleaser, but I am sorry that it's something that will be so hard to change after 31 years. I'm just not sure who it will be hardest on, me or the people around me?

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  1. Just found your blog through Ask Away Friday. Love it. I like this post. Some points are quite funny! Just followed you through bloglovin.


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