Friday, September 20, 2013

Ask Away Friday: Week 6

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Yayy! I'm really loving Ask Away Friday. It is such a nice way to end the week and get to know some fabulous people. It has been a lot of fun answering all the questions too and this week I was thrilled to swap with the southern sweetheart, Taylor from The Fichera Family. She asked me 10, I asked her 10 and below you will find my answers to her questions. If you want to read what I asked Taylor and how she answered, make sure you stop by her beautiful blog and while you're there, stay a while and learn more about a well spoken, gorgeous, down-to-earth newlywed with a love of books, dogs, cocktails and so much more. She's impossible not to love!

1. You are a middle school art teacher, when and how did your love for art begin?
I honestly think it's in my blood. I don't remember a time when I wasn't thrilled by a brand new coloring book and box of Crayons (you should see me cringe to watch my 3-year-old rip off the paper and break them in half.) Also, both my Grandfathers were artists. I remember my Grandpa endlessly working in the stained glass studio he had in his basement and watching in awe while my Poppy quickly sketched an exact copy of anything you asked him to. Sadly neither one of them lived long enough to see where my art has taken me today, but I am grateful for all they have inspired to get me here.

2. Speaking of teaching, what is the funniest thing a student has ever done or said?
Middle schoolers are HILarious. I have been invited to parties and barmitzvahs, declined numerous Facebook friend requests, a marriage proposal, had students ask to come to my wedding, watch my children, name my children after them...the list goes on. All of these things have become a normal part of my daily routine, so I guess none are really weird to me, but always amusing.

3. All of your artwork is unique and beautiful, but do you have a favorite craft?
I am extremely moody when it comes to my art and crafts. One second I was totally immersed in a series of canvas collages I was doing, then I got really into text and name collages, then switched back to my first love- pencil portraits, and now I am doing a lot of DIY around the house. I love it all, but here are 4 of my fave collages that I made...

4. You write about your transition to a thirty-something. What piece of advice what you give to someone in their twenties?
It's not so bad to be 30. In fact, it felt kind of refreshing to let go of a lot of the drama and heartache of my 20s. You won't feel any different as you get older, at least not on the inside, but life will change immensely. Don't be afraid to make hard decisions and trust your gut, whether it tell you to end a failing friendship, set a new goal or completely change paths. If being 20 is about finding yourself, being 30 is about knowing yourself.

5. How did you and hubby choose your daughters names? Is there a special meaning behind them?
6. As a working momma, how do you balance work, family, and life?
Ugh, I'm not sure I do. I mean, I do because it's happening, but balance would imply some sort of equal distribution of weight and that never actually happens. There is always some element that falls behind a bit. Whether I'm so focused on work, that I haven't had a real conversation with my husband in a month, or I'm so involved in everything going on at home, that I go through the motions at school in a fog for an entire week. I try not to beat myself up about the imbalance that is my life, because if I'm staying afloat, that is a pretty big achievement. One thing I've always been able to do is recognize when I need some "me time" and allow myself to be a little selfish or indulgent every once in a while. None of it is easy, but there is so much happiness in every aspect of my life and that's whats important. 

7. If your house was on fire, what is the one material thing you would want to save?
Wow, tough one. My house catching on fire is probably one of my top 3 biggest fears. After making sure my family and cats were ok, I would definitely grab my laptop. There is so much saved on here that I just can't replace. Then I would have to grab as many of my old photo albums as I could. I don't have digital copies of them and it would take forever to scan them all. I would be devastated to lose all those momentoes. You can't go back and recapture senior prom, or your first birthday party when you grew up before the digital era! Lastly, I would grab the collage my best friend Christin made me before she passed away. I wrote a little about it here if you're wondering. This is a pic:

8. Talk about your shoe style: are you a heels or flats kinda girl?I'm a flats girl, but I do wish I could do heels. I have horrible was literally once told I had the ankles of a pro football player because I've injured them so many times. Heels are not my friend, but dang they are pretty. Instead I have developed and deep love of low heeled boots, ballet flats, Uggs and of course, flip flops.

9. If you were given $10,000 to donate to the charity of your choice, which charity would you choose and why?
I would really like to spread the amount out between Susan G. Komen, St. Judes, and ICAF  (Iternational Child Art Foundation) as all 3 are near and dear to my heart: breast cancer has impacted many women in my family and others close to me, the thought of a child suffering with a terminal illness is the most unfair and unimaginable thing in the world, and I am a firm believer in the impact the arts has on the lives of children, especially those who are struggling. 

10. Summer is officially over in two days! What is your favorite thing about fall? 
What's not to love about Fall?? Pumpkin ale, ice cream, lattes...everything. The brisk weather, layers, scarfs, the leaves, fire pit nights, Halloween!! It always seems to go too fast.

So those are my answers to Taylor's fabulous questions! Don't forget to stop by her blog to check out how she answered the questions I asked her. While you're at it, stop by and read what some of the other participants have to say and let them know you're reading!


  1. I've never heard of pumpkin ale! Sounds interesting! I feel like I'm starting to know you. Some of these I either knew or would have thought based on what I already know about you! Yay! :)


  2. I love crafting but I don't think I can ever be good as you! The collages are awesome.

    1. Thank you! They really are just layers of crafty materials on a canvas. I'm sure you could do it!

  3. I absolutely feel you when it comes to trying to find a balance between work and home life and also finding time for yourself. I love that your middle schoolers have proposed to you! That's adorable.
    Your collages are BEAUTIFUL! You are truly talented.
    Loved getting to know more about you. This was my first Ask Away Friday and I had so much fun. I'm following you on Twitter :)

    (¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo

    1. Thanks so much Lanaya! I loved checking out your blog and am so glad you joined us this week!

  4. Oh my goodness Meg, your collages are absolutely gorgeous! I can't believe you made those.

    "If being 20 is about finding yourself, being 30 is about knowing yourself."

    This is such wonderful advice...

    OMGee you did another video! I'm still scared! It came out great and I love how you picked your girl's names, sometimes it is just a gut feeling....Maybe I will shed my vlogging fear sooner than later... :)

    1. Thank you!! I think Im still getting to know myself, but at least I'm working on it :) I think that will be the last video for a while. I wanted to switch things up a bit for AAF this week so I thought it might be fun to answer a question like that. I'm glad I did too, because Taylor's was TOO cute

  5. Meg!!
    You're so beautiful, inside and out :)
    You're becoming a vlogging supastar too!

    The thought of a house fire is devastating to me because I'm not sure I could save everything that needs to be saved...

    I agree, I'm in my early thirties, and each year I'm closer to who I am, and what I was meant to be :)
    I'm becoming a more self aware woman with a voice and strength I didn't know in my 20's.

    1. You are the sweetest. LOL- vlogging superstar. I definitely wouldn't put myself in that category...I filmed that one at 11:30 at night after about 10 shoots. I was extremely pissed off {long story} and the first few takes you could totally tell.

  6. Meg, thank you for agreeing to by my partner! You are such a great writer. I loved all of your answers! Oh yeah and ditto that Mrs.AOK- this girl is a vlog pro! You are seriously so gorg! You look like one of the Kardashian sisters!

    I totally agree with you on #7. The thought of losing my precious pictures makes me want to cry! I have trunk full of pictures in my closet that probably weighs 500 pounds. There's no way I'd ever get it outside in time. Maybe we should invest in a fireproof safe for our photographs? LOL but seriously..

    Love the story of your kiddos names. So fitting they are colors! Btw, I too, am a flats girl. As much as I love pretty heels, I have torn disc (sorry too much info) and I just cant wear them! Those dang things kill my back!

    Loved partnering with you! Have a great weekend!

    1. It was SO so fun partnering with you, and thank you for the compliment, but you are the gorgeous one and so frickin adorable too.

      A fire-proof safe is not a bad idea! Ugh. That would be the worst. It sucks we can't wear heels, but at least they make some super cute flats these days, though I know you'll never here any man go on and on about how sexy those flats are on her...OHhhh well!

  7. These were some great questions and definitely great answers! #7 is definitely one of my biggest fears as well and I actually think a lot about the things I would want to grab if I could. It's all such a scary thing to think about. I think my favorite was your answer about turning 30.

    1. Thanks so much Michelle! Im glad you participated this week!! Hopefully you'll keep joining us?!

  8. i TOTES thought the names were perfect for an art teacher. And that Ruby came from the fact that Violet was a color. I think they're perfect!

  9. ru is an adorable nickname! my cousin used to call her little one roo as in kanga and roo and I always LOVED it! I've sprained my ankles so much over the years they literally crack (like knuckles) when I twist them lol. it took john quite a while to get used to that:p love your answer about your students!!!!
    xoxo Lauren


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