Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Palette Vlog Teaser

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Hey guys! This week I will be guest posting over at My Life as a Mum with a DIY for the marquee letter you have probably seen in some of my other posts, (like this one : My Kitchen Makeover and this one: Backyard Movie Night.) It's also right up there in my header.

Of course I couldn't leave you with nothing to read or look forward to, so let me pretend for a minute that I have hundreds, no thousands of readers at the edge of their seats, hanging on my every written word while waiting for my latest DIY post to inspire their creative lives (a girl can dream right?) Here it is folks. A little teaser for my next big project and ride on the palette bandwagon, as well as a HUGE something new for me: A VLOG. <gasp> Yup. I precariously propped my Ipad up in the backyard, risking (and getting) multiple mosquito bites and ultimate humiliation to see if I could pull off a little introduction to my next DIY.

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SO, here it is...Please let me know that you watched, or I will be noticing the number of views going up while wondering self-consciously why no one is saying anything, and hovering over the "delete post" button...

So, if you made it through the video and heard my explanation of the intended outcome of this project (I know it was bit harder to hear there. I'll have to explore editing options...) This is a pic of the Pinterest pin I was talking about. Unfortunately I couldn't find the original source to give them credit.

I'm going to hang mine in Violet's room and will probably pry the boards of my palette to arrange them in a similar way, but the finish will be different. I already used a bit of that peachy spray paint I showed you to just start layering come paint on that bad boy. Eventually I will sand and stain it, make it nice and distressed (similarly to how I did it here, to create my Bird Palette) and use an LCD projector to trace the letters on... How you ask??
       You'll see!! ;) ;)

Her & Nicole


  1. I cannot wait for the big reveal! And I think you did a superb job my beautiful friend!

  2. LOVED the vlog and can't wait to see palette project!! I love all the pallet stuff I see on Pinterest and have a couple friends on the lookout for old palettes for me! :)

    1. Thanks Beth! I wish I have since gotten a chance to work on it :/ Life always seems to get busy right when I'm getting into a big project. If you have any ties with a school district, check with the facilities crew! The guys at my school have more of them than they know what to do with!

  3. very cute, Meg. can't wait to see the finished product.

  4. Loved it! You're so adorable! But, tell me the truth...are you wearing Ugg boots in the summer? Is it cold there? I could definitely see the teacher in you - well spoken and really good at explanation and instruction. Loving it all!

    So what's easier? Vlogging or Blogging?

  5. yay! I ADORE that pin, I've pinned it myself actually :p I think the vlog went nicely! cant wait to see the end result. I think it would be awesome to see a "how to" vlog series!!!

  6. Your so cute on camera and to me thats why I enjoy a blog every once in a while. Sometimes its nice to connect a voice to the words we read. It helps your personality shine through!
    Totally into this palette trend...In fact I have one in my basement as a shelf of sorts.


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