Thursday, October 10, 2013

Ask Away Friday: Week 10

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Welcome to Week 10 of #AskAwayFriday!! I am so excited to be co-hosting this month!  When Amber from Bold Fab Mom and Penny from The Real Housewife of Caroline County started this silly question session weeks ago they never imagined that it would become such a great way for bloggers to connect or become this big!  With the entrance into Week 10  some small changes have been made to the #AskAwayFriday set up.

Amber and Penny will be having monthly co-hosts (2 or 3 depends on the interest level), along with your hosts, only co-hosts will have the code for the link up.  This means that anyone posting #AskAwayFriday would need to visit one of our pages to link up.

For the month of October our co-hosts will be (drum roll please)...


The Patchwork Paisley

These ladies have been wonderful additions to #AskAwayFriday and always have great posts that everyone enjoys to read! 

Second, there is a button change!!  While we loved the button Amber created originally...we wanted to freshen it up a little.  Here is the debut of the brand new #AskAwayFriday button...
The Real Housewife of Caroline County

Without further adieu let's kick off Week 10 of #AskAwayFriday!!!

Ask Away Friday is 10 weeks old today!!! AND bonus- I have the honor and pleasure of co-hosting! If you've been following along then you know how much fun we've all been having on Fridays. If it's you're first time stopping by, welcome! Read on to learn a little more about me in 10 questions asked by my partner this week, Jen from Make sure to hop over to her site too and read a bit more about her as she answers the questions I asked! Not to spoil it for you, but her site is Awesome. 

I have to admit I was more than a little ecstatic when she accepted my invitation to join us this week. PinkWhen was one of the first blogs I came across when I started devoting my time to The Patchwork Paisley just 4 months ago. Jen and her blog instantly became my inspiration. She has a pretty great thing going and I aspire to accomplish what she has achieved. 

So, without further ado:

1.  How long did you think about blogging before you jumped in and started?
I actually started my blog in March of 2011 after knowing pretty much nothing about blogging. I was inspired to start The Patchwork Paisley after I got in to Pinterest. This was back when you still needed to be invited to join and there weren't a whole lot of people on there. I was enchanted by the eye candy and inspiration at my fingertips and was excited by all the possibilities. As I started following links, I learned more about what a blog is and at the same time started to become frustrated when I'd encounter a pin that I wanted to duplicate, but when clicked it would lead to a dead end. I consider myself to be pretty crafty, but even if I could easily figure it out, I knew there had to be a good amount of people out there who would need the "how to" behind some of these awesome projects. I wanted to be that person! The PWP has evolved since then, and only this past June did I really sit down an commit to figuring out how to expand my reach and actually become part of the blogging community instead of just a girl with a blog no one reads. It has become a lot more than how to's, but I often return to the root of my inspiration: DIYs with lots of pictures and a clear explanation.

2.  What made you decide on the name The  Patchwork Paisley? (I LOVE btw)
Thank you! I was trying to think of a catchy, crafty title that sounded good and could sum up my style. I've always liked paisleys. I like the retro feel they evoke and how intricate and unique, yet familiar and recognizable they are- Paisley is also the name of one of my 2 cats (that's her over there to the right in my side bar on the bottom. The other one is Hickory, or "Hickey" as we call her.) "Patchwork" came about after a lot of brainstorming of words that would encompass the idea of an eclectic mix of things. That is a big part of my style and what I'm all about- varieties of textures, patterns and colors that somehow work together, just like a patchwork! Add to that the cozy, homey feel of patchwork quilt you have the overall feeling of exactly what I want to surround myself with and share with others: comfort, familiarity and understated, easy beauty. 

3.  If you could choose, and were suddenly rich and famous, would it be from blogging, singing, acting, or cooking? 
Hmmm...this is a toughie because with all the work I have been putting in to my blog these last few months it would be really amazing to see it become popular, let alone "famous." Still sometimes I wonder if I could keep up with the maintenance if it did. I've always thought it would be fun to be an actress too. The thought of being transformed in to another person, the challenge of making a character come to life, and the glamour of it all- it's intriguing, but I've never acted a day in my life. 

4.  What is your favorite flower and why?
I have a few that I like for different reasons and I can't decide...I love orchids. I think they're so fragile looking and unique. The colors are so beautiful and vibrant too- the blue-purple ones are my fave. I've always adored lilacs as well. Growing up we had a bunch of huge lilac bushes on the side of the house and my mom always cut them and brought them inside. The smell of fresh lilacs reminds me of childhood spring days. Hydrangeas have also quickly moved up my list these days. I love how they are always pretty, in any color- even when they're dried out. I also love the surprise of not knowing what color they will be when you plant them (did you know that the color a hydrangea blooms is determined by the chemistry of the soil where it's planted?) Don't be fooled by my seemingly enthusiastic love of flowers though, I rarely have them in the house and if there's a level below beginner when it comes to gardening, that's where I exist. I love to look at them though!

5.  I am stealing your signature question!  If you had a chance to dump, hump or marry...which ones would you choose to dump, hump ;-), or marry? Leo DiCaprio, Chris Pine, and I will throw Ryan Gosling in there!

I love this game! Ok- so, I'd have to dump Ryan. He is handsome, but he honestly doesn't do it for me. Hello Chris Pine, aren't you the sexy one? Had seen him before, but didn't know his name until you asked. Definitely hump and I would marry Leo. I think he seems really chill and cool aside from being super hot. Plus, I have had a huuuuge crush on him every since he was Romeo. 

6.  What is one of your biggest fears?
I am terrified of losing someone close to me again. I know that loss is a part of life and we can't live forever. I know my Grandmas are getting up there in age, and I prepare myself all the time for the inescapable reality that they won't be here forever, but losing someone close to you unexpectedly is the most painful experience I've ever had to go through. I've told the story a few times of how I lost my best friend in a car accident in 2009 (you can read a little bit of the story here) Nine months prior to that, one of my closest male friends and long time child-hood crush committed suicide unexpectedly. It'll be 5 years this month. I think about them both every day. Time has healed the loss, but I can feel that pain of the moment I found out they were gone like it was yesterday. I never, ever want to go through that again. I honestly don't think I could take it.

7.  Do you go all out for the holidays, or do you just run with it.  If you go all out, what do you do?
I try to go all out for every holiday, but it's been a while since I've been able to wear green from head to toe and celebrate my 25% Irish heritage on St. Patty's Day so going all out is mostly reserved for Halloween and Christmas. I do decorate for the 4th of July though because my birthday is on the 5th, so I've always had a love of Independence Day. Right now my porch is covered with fake spiderwebs, orange and green lights, pumpkin garland and a giant light up spider and web. On Christmas I go for the vintage vibe (are you surprised?) and opt for white lights, red bows, and wreaths. I spend hours by myself stringing the lights just so. My husband has tried to help, but has given up. He goes out on the roof to put up the wreaths though :)

8.  What is one of the most interesting things about you that many people don't know about you? (Ex. Former Spy?)
I was on a billboard in Times Square for two months this past May-June!
I randomly entered an Instagram contest hosted by Sprout, a cute children's network that my daughter loves. It was to take a pic of you and your child and tag it "MomIsHere." I tagged the pic on a whim and have no idea why they chose my pic, but they notified me that it would be displayed above the Toys R Us store along with 9 other images on that billboard up there! 

9.  What is your favorite site that you find yourself hitting on a daily basis?
PicMonkey! I wish I could remember who introduced me to this bloggers best friend, but I love it. I pay the monthly fee for the upgrade and it's well worth it. I don't think I've written a post without bedazzling a photo or heading ever since I discovered it. 

10. If you could have one wish, and it would come true, what would it be? (And no wishing for more wishes :-P)
I'd have to wish for the endless happiness for everyone in my family. There are a million things I could wish for, but if everyone is truly happy to the fullest extent, then they have everything they need.

So that's it for my answers to Jen's fantastic questions! Please don't forget to visit to see how she answered my questions and while you're at it, hit up some of those links below and read about some of the nicest people I have had the pleasure of meeting here in blog land. Feel free to contact myself or any of the lovely hostesses if you would like to be a part of #AskAwayFriday in the future! We'd love to have you. 

Check below for all the #AskAwayFriday Links!  Please only post if you are apart of reserves the right to delete links that aren't related to this post
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  1. I love orchids!! thank you for being a co-host and so supportive of #AskAwayFriday!

  2. I absolutely love your decorations. Now that we are in a house I am so excited to get started and try to decorate ...wish me luck because our yard and porch are huge and i feel a bit overwhelmed already (LOL)...

    I love that all your flower choices (except the ever changing hydrangea) were purple.

    OMG Timesqaure?!?! You Go Mama!

    1. Thanks! I love decorating for Halloween, but Christmas becomes a bit daunting every year...Lots of extension cords, cold weather and no time to get it done. Maybe I can convince hubby to let me by a few new additions to the display to add excitement. Shopping always helps :)

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. I also love your blog name! It's so cute. And orchids are my favorite. :-)

    It was great getting to know you a little more & thank you so much for being our co-host! You rock.

    1. Thank you!! It was on of those things that just clicked when I thought of it. Thank you for having me! I've really grown to love AAF!

  5. That is seriously so cool that your photo was in times square!!!!

    1. Haha...right? I was like, "wait, why?" then "umm ok" then "wait- holy crap!"

  6. how awesome of the Times Square picture!! It sure is cute!!! I love how you answered my questions, and I would have answered the D, H, M the EXACT same way! We must be related....thank you again for allowing me to be a part of this awesome experience and I look forward to getting to know you better!! :-)

    1. Thanks! It was so unexpected and fun. I wish I was able to go in to the city and see it in person (the pic is one they sent me of the billboard) I'm only 45 minutes from NY but it just wasn't feasible at the time :( That's so funny that you'd answer DHM the same! Thank YOU for agreeing to participate!

  7. I Loved This! Meg! That is so cool that you were on a Billboard. Wow I didn't realize you had to be invited to be on Pinterest once upon a time! I didn't know you were Irish! Your love for green goes hand in hand with that. Love those pictures of those orchids. I'm so into nature photos! xoxo

    1. Aren't those flower pics pretty? I love purple flowers. The billboard thing was so unexpected, but such a fun thing to be able to day :) I'm 50% Italian, 25% Irish and 25% French

  8. Dump, Hump, or Marry??? Hahaha! That is the funniest. You girlsss!
    Love the Halloween decor. Sorry to hear of your friend's passing, I too had close friend pass very young. xo

    BTW, Gosling!

    1. It is definitely the hardest thing to go through, but it's part of life I guess! Dump hump marry- fun for hours! It's even funnier when you're give three not so sexy guys.

  9. How cool is that about the billboard!!! That must have been so fun to see! And I am obsessed with PicMonkey - such a cool site!

    1. Isn't it the best?? I don't know how I never knew about it until a few months ago!

  10. Wow... big time billboards and lights :) Super Cool!!
    You're fear is my fear.....
    Great Q&A

  11. I love how you decorated your house on the photos! I always wanted to go all out every Christmas but I always decide against it in the end because I don't like spending much on decorations. Thankfully I just discovered the "power" of Pinterest and found DIY stuff that I can't wait to try.
    So you are like a celebrity over there! :)
    Dropping by from AAF!

    1. Haha...I wish I was a Pinterest celeb! I do love it though. It is a lot of pressure for sure. Somehow even the simplest of tasks seems insufficient when you see someone who posted the same thing on Pinterest all fancy like.

  12. That is so cool that you were on a billboard in Times Square!! Who else can say that?! Glad to hear your review on PicMonkey. I have always wondered if the upgrade was worth it. That dump, hump marry was a tough one, LOL!! I think I'd marry Chris Pine and hump Ryan Gosling. Leo just doesn't do it for me.

    1. I thought I was going to dump Leo too, but there's just something about Ryan Gosling that doesn't do it for me!

  13. I'm addicted to PicMonkey. Reagan is addicted to Sprout {but I HATE Caillou!} She has two Chica plush dolls -- spoiled girl! I love your man candy. Mmm... Chris Pine is beautiful and just seems like he'd be good in bed. Oops, did I just write that?? LOL!

    (¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo

    1. Caillou is the WORST. I am so glad that she only watches Nick Junior, but I kinda miss Chica!

  14. I'm completely with you on the going all out for the holidays. I reserve my "going all out" for Christmas right now. However, with baby on the way (and more children in the future) that might change, and I'll be in trouble, lol! My love affair with Hobby Lobby and holiday decor is only going to amplify with kids.
    Tenns @ New Mama Diaries

  15. How cool that your photo was in Times Square! And I've never heard of the "hump, dump or marry" question - that's a fun one. A girl can dream, right? Thanks for co-hosting this week!

  16. Firstly. I do love your blog name as well. Its so nice to have been on a billboard. AND In Times Square. I never went all out for the holidays but I am inspired now that I am a mother. My family always did for me and my siblings.

  17. your blog name and look is awesome! It inspires me! And I am not a foodie or crafter! I LOVED LOVED LOVED The Dump, hump or marry question- too funny! And I so love to laugh! Meg, absolute pleasure to meet you! I enjoyed #AAF


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