Friday, November 1, 2013

Ask Away Friday: Week 13

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It's lucky #13 this week and I am delighted to be sharing it with Beth from Structure in an Unstructured Life! I met Beth in a Newbie Blogger Group we're a part of on Facebook. She is always super supportive and genuine while making an effort to truly connect with every person she interacts with. This comes across loud and clear over at her blog where she writes about her busy life as a working mom of two adorable boys and coach's wife. Structure in an Unstructured Life is chalk full of tips on how to balance motherhood and stay sane doing it. Read on to see what 10 questions Beth had for me this week and then hop on over to her site to see her answers to my 10!

Here we go!

1. I know you love Halloween. What was your all-time favorite Halloween costume?
Hmmm...I'd have to say my Christmas tree costume from 5 years ago. My mom made it, so I definitely can't take any credit for it (she's a Home Ec. teacher and very crafty too) My favorite part was that it lit up with white battery operated lights :)

2. What outfit or style can you not get enough of right now?
I love knee high, leather ankle boots, with leggings or fun tights and a funky patterned dress with a cardigan or cute jacket. I can't get enough of all the kitschy patterns that are popular right now. And a scarf. 9 times out of 10 I will add a scarf to my outfit. Something like this is pretty much the epitome of me:
Fall Look

3. If you were to give me a lift somewhere, what type of music would be playing in your car when I got in?
Mumford and Sons most definitely. Maybe some Guster or Ray LaMontagne. If the radio is on it's either on the local pop station or country.

4. You have a preschooler and a newborn. What are your favorite and least favorite things about these ages?
My favorite thing about Vi (3 year old) right now is that every day she shows a little more of the silly little personality she is developing.  John and I are constantly looking at each other like, where did she learn that? My least favorite thing about this age is her mood swings. She is really starting to exert her independence, then snaps back in to baby phase when she doesn't feel like doing something. She also can't like both me and my husband at the same time. She either wants me (rare and not currently) or him (right now and most of the time.)

As for the infant stage with Rue (3 months) I love pretty much everything about it. She is lovey and smooshy and wants Mommy all the time (I'm feeling a bit slighted from the toddler ;) On the other hand, she wants Mommy all the time so that can also be my least favorite thing. It's hard to get any down time because she doesn't really just go to bed and give us our "couch time" like Violet does every night. I'm also looking forward to the point where she can sit by herself and play with toys. Right now she still just kinda lays around...

5. We’re going out for a girls’ night out – what plans are you making for us?
We'd either be heading down the road to Princeton or New Hope, PA right across the bridge. Or maybe both because I really can't decide, and here's why:

I grew up 10 minutes down the road from Princeton and always took it for granted. We would go to PJs Pancake house before school when we were seniors with "late arrival" privileges, spend Friday nights walking around Palmer Square (above) and wander through Princeton University campus pretending we were college kids. These days we enjoy the tree lighting ceremony and getting some drinks at Winberies, grabbing a cupcake from our favorite House of Cupcakes (they were winners on Cupcake Wars and deservedly so) and try to make it to their various street fairs and family fun activities when we can. I absolutely love Princeton and would love to take you there for our girls night out. We could walk around and hit up some of my favorite shops like the Alex and Ani store for some of my favorite accessories, Milk Money, the children's consignment shop full of higher end clothes (Princeton is a bit yuppie. I embrace it) or Greene Street for some cute stuff for us. We'd definitely have to stop by The Farm House Store too. I love all their home decor.

Once we got some shopping out of our system, we'd have to go get a drink and relax at Winberies or The Alchemist and Barrister, or maybe The Ivy where Justin Timberlake recently stopped for a drink while filming his movie "Runner Runner." We'd have to end the night by taking a stroll through Princeton Campus. It is gorgeous with all its stone and ivy and parts look like it's straight out of Harry Potter.

OR we could go to New Hope:
New Hope has a special place in my heart. Growing up my family would take day trips to this quaint, funky, liberal little town right over the bridge. I fell in love with this town, have often dreamed of living here or opening a shop, and my husband actually proposed to me there before spending a fun night out with a bunch of my friends and family, celebrating. We would definitely have to make a day of it shopping here too. There are too many eclectic store to see. I actually found this blog post while looking for pics to share with you and she perfectly sums up the adorable-ness that is New Hope in pics: The Top 10 Reasons to Visit New Hope

We'd definitely have to do a Ghost Tour, then head over to Havana for dinner and some drinks on their outdoor patio (they have heaters if it gets a bit chilly) or squeeze in to John and Peters, a small little pub, and check out their live music. 

You choose! It would be a good time for sure and you're always welcome!

6. What’s one blogging goal you have?
My pipe dream goal is to be approached by HGTV for a feature in their magazine or on their website. Hell, I'd take a shout out on Twitter! Maybe I can even get my own show...I would base it around my decorating theory: if you like it, buy it and figure out how it works or if it will "go" later. I would give the homeowner a few hundred dollars (well, HGTV would give it to them, but you know...) They would just shop and buy things they like for the room we're decorating without the stress of "where will this go?" or "does this match?" Then I would take it all and make it work. Hey, that could be the name of my show: Make it Work. Haha..I said it was a pipe dream, didn't I?

My short term (and realistic) goal is to make an income from my blog, partner with some cool, crafty sponsors and mostly find a way to manage all of this when I go back to work in <gasp> 10 days.

7. What was the most embarrassing fashion trend you participated in?
Oh man. Well, I was a child of the 80s and even though some of the trends have reappeared in more fashionable, updated ways, some of my 80s get-ups will never come back in style. Like two pairs of slouch socks layered with opposite colors on each foot

<----Terrible. The other foot would have pink on the bottom and black on top.

I also used to wear biker shorts or leggings under Umbros. Remember Umbros? I'd show you a pic, but I think I was one of the few kids cool enough to wear pants with shorts and sadly, I can't find an image of myself to share with you... darn.

8. Do you prefer a road trip or a plane trip? Where would you go?
I love a good road trip. We rarely flew anywhere growing up, but we never really left the East coast (I have since been to Vegas, but that's the only time I've ventured from the Atlantic shores.) We drove to Florida many times and it was always enjoyable. We would make a stop at South of the Border after miles of anticipation while enjoy all the silly signs, then enjoy it's campy, Mexican goodness and be on our way. I love how a road trip can make a vacation with a single destination in to multiple mini vacations in anticipation of the final destination!
"Pedro" the South of the Border mascot
9. If you had to pick one cause you were most passionate about, what would it be?
I am a huge supporter of HIB (harassment, intimidation and bullying) policies that have been instated in  NJ schools and the overall Anti-Bullying campaign. Being a Middle School teacher, I see kids bullied all the time and it breaks my heart. I have zero tolerance for it. In today's society with the ability to hurt someone anonymously with your words through social media, it is so important to raise our children with the awareness that words can hurt just as much a sticks and stones. 


10. What is the one TV show or movie you are embarrassed to admit you love? 
I'm not really embarrassed by the things I like. Since being a huge Backstreet Boys fan in high school while most of my friends were going to Phish and DMB concerts, I have figured out how to embrace my sometimes immature taste in entertainment. Plus, so many people (not all, but many) dislike certain things because of the stigma attached to it rather than because it actually assaults their senses and that's just not me. I read young adult novels and have admittedly jumped on the paranormal genre bandwagon. I like happy endings and would rather not watch or read something that is going to disturb or scare me. The world is scary enough, I want my entertainment to be an escape. So I guess some of the shows I watch that would probably seem silly to more mature audiences would be The Vampire Diaries and The Originals on the CW. I grew up loving Buffy, Dawson's Creek and Felicity (all time fave.) All of those shows were then on "The WB" and I gotta say, their shows are usually pretty darn entertaining! In fact, I challenge anyone to sit and watch The Vampire Diaries season 1 and dare you not to get addicted. My husband loves it just as much as me!

So that's that! I had SO much fun talking about some of my favorite things this week- thanks for your awesome questions, Beth! 

Don't forget to head over to Structure in an Unstructured Life to see how she answered my questions!
The Real Housewife of Caroline County


  1. Oh Meg... can we just meet already! We could jam out to Mumford and Sons + Ray together, while we visit your old stomping grounds :) I promise I will not wear my double layered slouched socks :D

    1. Yes!! Well, with you moving to the East coast we could totally plan to meet up! Road trip with Mumford and Ray!!

  2. I love your style Meg and your posts every week! The Christmas Tree is an awesome idea!! I'm going to hold onto that one :)

    1. Thank you!! It wasn't that hard to make actually as per my mom, especially if you have some sewing know how.

  3. LOL! Oh I do so remember the whole slouch sock trend, parachute pants and leg warmers...oh the 80's were so cool! LOL! I definitely love a good road trip, prefer it over flying any day! Have a great weekend!

  4. That Christmas tree costume is VERY detailed! LOL! I think it's pretty awesome! ;-) My daughter is 4 and she is totally her own little person! It's amazing (as a parent) to witness your children develop their own personality and quirks. Some stuff my hubs says she gets from me but some stuff is ALL her! I love the pic of your daughter in the red coat, that pose! I can tell she's a firecracker! Kudo's to you for supporting HIB!! I have zero tolerance for it as well. It blows my mind just how MEAN some of these kids are. . .it really does start at home, as parents we need to be more of aware of what's going on with our kids. We can't be with them 24/7 but we need to be more engaged and accountable for teaching them that bullying and standing by watching bullying is unacceptable! (Putting away the soapbox)

    1. Oh yeah, she's a firecracker alright! It is amazing to watch for sure. Kids really can be mean. I know I can raise my own kids to be compassionate and kind , but if I can help instill that in other children through teaching, who knows who I could be benefitting down the road!

  5. That costume rules!! Oh and we have such similar tastes, lets go shopping together! I love love love your daughters names, those are amazing. I'd like to be first on your HGTV show. :) PS you are amazing.

    1. No, you're amazing! LOL Thank you so much! We can definitely go shopping together, though I have to warn you , I've been called a bad influence when it comes to shopping! I tend to not know when to stop...

  6. Love your answers, Meg!!! I love that Christmas tree! I joke that my husband is Clark Griswold with all his Christmas craziness , so he would love it if I had a costume like that! Haha! It was fun to read about what you like and dislike about the ages of your girls. My boys are three years apart as well, and just a few years older than your girls, so I completely remembered being in exactly the same ages and stages! I wore the slouch socks - with my jean skirt and Guess sweatshirt! haha! And I SO need to come visit and go out for a girls day! We need to hit them both up! :)
    Was so fun pairing up with you, Meg! :)

  7. Aww .. Rey and Vi would get along fabulously! They are both in that stage and Reagan comes home with the funnies things from preschool now! Rue is just too cute.
    And HGTV should do a shout out for you! Damn ... what's taking them so long??
    Can't wait to partner with you for this series love!

    (¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo

  8. Aw, I missed you all this week on AAF but I had to come over and comment! LOL at the 80s sock trend. Loving your goal with HGTV. I finally saw those cousins in action and I was loving it! :) Bullying is horrible. I'm not aware of the new policies but I hope they are able to crack down on it, because I agree with you, it's horrible! You look so adorable in your Christmas tree! :) xoxo

  9. Your Make-it-work idea is fantastic! Sounds like a plan. And you sure have a great itinerary for your day and night out! :)


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