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Ask Away Friday: Week 14

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Welcome back! It's week 14 of #AskAwayFriday and this week I am so excited to be exchanging with the lovely Lanaya at Raising Reagan. If you don't know her, make sure you swing by her blog and see what you're missing because this is one cool mama. Full of spunk and personality, Lanaya blogs about her life as a wife and mom to a gorgeous little toddler, Reagan. She is one of those rare people in the blog world who make an effort to connect with all of her readers and the minute I our virtual paths crossed, I knew I had found a kindred spirit.

Without further ado, here are 10 questions

1.       I am going to completely out myself here … I got these questions to you at the very last minute on Thursday night because I was completely overwhelmed this week with finalizing my house. Having said that I put you in a terrible position and I am incredibly sorry. So my question is … what is your biggest pet peeve?

People who are late with things. Haha...totally kidding. If there's one thing you'll learn about me pretty fast, it is that I am externally one of the most easy going people (I say externally because sometimes I can put on a pretty good front while in side I am totally stressing.) Don't be sorry, shit happens! Anyhow, to answer your question for reals, I can't tell you my biggest pet peeve for certain because it changes allll the time. Right now it drives me crazy when Vi says "Mommy" a million times and when I respond, she doesn't say anything. Kinda like this except I don't ignore her and she just doesn't respond to me...OH and a constant annoyance is when people don't use their blinkers. Especially people driving like a bat outta hell, swerving in and out of traffic. Grrrr.....

2.       Having a second child definitely changes things in a family dynamic. How have you adjusted to life with two little girls?
It certainly does. Just yesterday John and I were musing about how much younger we used to look and recalling fondly the days when the only thing we had to do when we got home was whatever we felt like. Neither of us would change one darn thing about our lives today, but it is amazing how every phase of life as you grow brings new challenges and responsibilities that you can never comprehend until you're actually there. I was pretty scared about bringing another little one in to the mix. All of the usual worries plagued me: how would Violet, as the first baby of the family (first grandchild, first niece etc.) deal with not being the center of the universe anymore? How would we manage at home with 2 kids demanding our attention? Can we afford another child? Will I bond with Rue as much as I have with Vi? I can honestly say that being honest about all these questions prior to Ruby's arrival and preparing myself for the worst possible scenario made it so much easier to adjust. We are pretty lucky that she is a reallllly good baby an Violet truly adores her. Of course there are the moments when Rue is a bit fussy and Vi can't handle it- she gets overwhelmed by her feelings quite easily, but overall the adjustment has been much easier than expected.

3.       Knowing what you know now {that you’ve had a second child} is there anything you would have done differently with your first daughter if you were given the chance to do it all over again?
There are a few little things I'm going to try and do differently with Rue. For one, the pacifier is going to disappear by the time she turns 1 and a half or 2 at the latest. Vi just turned 3 and I hate to admit it, but she still uses her paci at night and naptime. We had planned to get rid of it on her 3rd birthday, but that was about a week and a half after Ruby was born and the same day she started pre-school after never having been to daycare a day in her life. Separation anxiety kicked in big time and though we tried many tactics (a basket was made up for the paci fairy, read books, prepared for weeks...) she just wasn't ready and the timing wasn't right. I felt really guilty about it for a while, but now that things have blown over a bit and she's adjusted to school, we're going to push the issue again. Still, I'm more worried about other people judging me for it (other moms, dentists, doctors) then what's best for Violet emotionally right now and that just doesn't sit right with me. That's not to say I'm not concerned about it affecting her teeth, and I have my speculations about it hindering her speech, thus the decision to do things differently with Rue.

4.       Pick a Disney princess … which one represents you the best and why?

Aww, I love this question. Disney princesses are a huge part of my life. Vi is obsessed and I have always been a huge Disney fan (Walt Disney himself is one of my favorite people ever.) Growing up I would have immediately said Snow White because she was the princess I felt like I could relate to physically, with the dark hair, dark eyes and light skin. I always wanted to dress up like her, so I did my own version of her for Halloween a few year back.

I've since realized that, not only do we look nothing alike, but personality-wise the similarity isn't quite right. In that area I'd have to say I relate to Rapunzel from Tangled the most. Shes creative and quirky, kind and a dreamer, like me.

5.       You told me you’ve recently found a love with old muscle cars … what would be your ideal car?
Ohhh I'm so glad you asked...This will make my Dad proud. I'm a Chevy girl, mostly because of him. We had a white 65 Chevy growing up, and still have (well my brother has it...) a black 67 Chevy Camaro. I LOVE Camaros, but if I could buy myself a classic car it would be a cherry red, 1970s Chevy Chevelle. I am totally that girl whose head turns when a loud, classic muscle car rumbles by.
Source Left, Middle is a pic my bro. took, Source right 

6.       I just gave you the trip of a lifetime … would you take a family vacation or go somewhere alone with your husband?
I would love to take the girls to Disney in a few years, but if you're giving me the trip right now though, I would have to leave the kiddos behind and go away with John. I have wanted to go on a cruise for a really long time, so I think I would get on the finest ship in a big ol' room with a water view and balcony and sail the Caribbean for 10 days. Or maybe Hawaii...Oh I don't know. Call me Zac Brown because I just my toes in the water and ass in the sand. The beer sounds good too.

7.       Your artistry is simply amazing to me. Knowing what you know about me and that I just moved into a new home … pick a piece of your artwork or a design that you’ve done that you think would suit my taste.
Thank you! Hmmm...I'd have to go with this one:

It's colorful and fun just like you. Plus, it's usually everyone's favorite. It's so much nicer in real life too. Honestly though, I would have to make you a name collage that would really suit you. I like to take colors and textures that someone likes and incorporate them in to a collage that really suits them. Plus, you have a really pretty, unique name and i'm sure you don't often find things with your name already on it! Here's an example: I made my sister one to display at her wedding incorporating her wedding colors and a bit of the rustic feel that they were going for:

It's hard to capture the dimension in a photo. They all have a lot of depth and layers.
8.       Christmas is right around the corner!! When do you start decorating the house?
It just sort of happens when it happens. Definitely after Thanksgiving. Usually the bins will all come up from the basement, then little by little the inside will get done. The outside is another story. I do it myself (if it were up to John our lawn would be littered with all those blow up things. Nothing against them, but I have a stlye and a plan. It doesn't incorporate inflatables of any kind.) It will probably happen on a day when John can wrangle the girls and I can spend a few hours stringing all the lights and trying to remember how the hell all the extension cords attach to get everything lit.

9.       Does your husband read your blog?
No. It kind of bothers me that he doesn't. Or maybe he does and just doesn't say anything to me about it. John, if you're reading this let me know and I will totally update this post and let everyone know that you do in fact read my blog. I'm thinking that's not going to happen though. I've written a few silly things about him on here (especially a graphic description of his nose hairs on my "about me" page...heh heh heh.) If he saw it he would've probably mentioned it. Not in an angry way, but in a thanks-for-telling-everyone-about-my-crazy-hair way. Oh well! If he wants to know what I'm saying about him, he'll have to read it right? ;) Seriously though, he's not a big reader and I'm cool with that. He knows I love him.

10.   Who’s blog are you currently loving to stalk and why?
Raising Reagan of course!! I've been all over your page this week for inspiration on what to ask you and trying not to repeat any questions you were already asked. Plus, I always love reading what you write. I also hit up Cropped Stories a lot. Elena's blog has a style that I really like and I aspire to create a following like she has. I'm always checking out Young House Love too. They're on a whole different dimension over there. I read about them in HGTV magazine and have been following ever since- most of you are probably aware of my HGTV obsession by now. I want that for The Patchwork Paisley (pipe dream) so I like to get inspiration from their page and maybe a bit of encouragement because they started where I am too! 

So that's it for my answers to 10 questions from Lanaya! Make sure you swing by Raising Reagan to check out how she answered my questions and stop by The Real Housewife of Caroline County to see the rest of the links to all the other fab bloggers participating in Ask Away Friday!

The Real Housewife of Caroline County


  1. Aww ... I loved it all. Such great answers. I love the piece of artwork you chose for me. I would especially love to see what you would come up with for my name! I am happy that I have a unique name now too because I didn't appreciate it when I was younger. I totally get the Rapunzel vibe off of you. She's one of my favorites too! And your classic car style is just like mine! I was trying to decide between the Chevelle and the Camaro but deep down had to go with the Camaro. Fire me up a hot rod any day!!

    Thank you so much for partnering with me this week. Hugs mama!

    (¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo

  2. These are great answers! I really loved reading this. I am a big fan of Lanaya too so you had a great partner! First, love the art! I've seen your blog and you have incredible talent! I am with you on the pet peeve of your little one doing the "Mommy" thing! I actually have one of mine that comes up to me (like right now) every thirteen seconds to ask me something ridiculous and I'm about to lose my chiz. My daughter, who is now 11, had her bippy (paci) until she was over 4 years old. We tried everything but she was so attached. Like you, we only gave it to her at bed and nap time but I felt guilty for letting her have it AND for trying to take it away. My first car ever was a 70's Chevelle, mettalic blue with white leather interior. My parents bought it for me because it was big and safe...if only they knew how fast that thing would go!

  3. So funny! When I saw question number 1 I literally laughed out loud! That commercial always gets my son saying mom and ma like 20x over and over, plus Stewie is hilarious. Aw you are so cute as Snow White. Good choice! So sweet that you picked that set of work for Lanaya. I haven't seen anything that you put together so far that I don't like. You have a very eclectic style when it comes to your work that I really like :)

  4. #1 is hilarious!!! This is so my sisters kids and they are 7 and 14...LOL! Luckily my little one isnt to this point yet but I can tell its coming! Don't feel bad about your first one and the paci...every child is different! And dont worry about those that have something to say...this is easy to say but I know how you feel because my little one is almost 2 and not walking yet...and everyone has something to say like stop carrying her or something but they dont know she had a few delays...sometimes I just walk away in mid conversation (LOL) this sounds crazy typing it I hate unsolicited parenting advice! So don't worry...she will get rid of it at the right time, just keep working with her!

  5. I totally agree with you about the Ma Ma Momma Mommy thing...that is actually my ringtone for my Teenager LMBO! :D

    Awww no blow up decor? I feel bad...we were just eyeing a really cool Santa and Elf one today! The Kiddies loved it...uh I gonna be THAT house on the block? LOL just kidding...I get what you mean though. I was a very I have a style girl too but we had apartments and I could never get it exactly how I envisioned anyway. Now we have a house and a HUGE yard and Hubby is going into decor wish me luck on what ends up out there! LOL

  6. Lets please set up a date to be partners, tweet me! :) But your Family guy video is my life in a nutshell. Addison hated her pacifier she was over it at 6 months, McKenzie is 1 1/2 and I don't think she'll every get rid of it! Addisons favorite princess is Rapunzel, I could recite Tangled in my sleep. PS you're an adorable Snow White. I love your witty personality and I feel like we could be best friends LOL.

  7. I'm obsessed with SS Chevy Chevelles I've written about it a couple of times on my bog, yet the Chevelle fairy has yet to drop one off {frwony face}

    I've called my mom and played The Family Guy Mom clip a thousand times... LMBO!


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