Thursday, November 21, 2013

Ask Away Friday: Week 16

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It's Friday!!! Ever since the days of TGIF when Friday night meant Full House and Steve Urkel, I loved me some Friday. Now I have something else to look forward to- #AskAwayFriday!

This week I partnered with Rea from REAlity Bites where she blogs about being a young mom and wife to a husband she is madly in love with and her life in the Philippines. Rea is a real sweetheart and I hope you'll head over to her site to get to know her a little better through 10 questions I asked her (including my signature "dump, hump, marry")

1. If you're given the chance to judge an international beauty pageant like Ms. Universe or Ms. World, what are the top 3 questions that you would love to ask the candidates? about:
- As a role model to girls around the world, what do you think are the best qualities to demonstrate to impressionable young women? 
- Bullying is a rapidly growing problem in the US and internationally. How would you use your position as Ms. Universe to aid in the fight against bullying?
- As a pageant contestant you are presented at your very best from all angles. Tell us about a time that you were less than your best.
2. You are required to give up one important and precious tangible thing that you own to a stranger. What would it be and why? 
Most of the things I have that are precious to me are intangible or would be useless to a stranger (like pictures of myself and my family etc.) If I were actually giving things of mine away with the intention of someone else making use of it though, I would want it to be something that could bring them joy, so I picture myself putting together a basket of art supplies. All sorts of fun stuff that could inspire the recipient to create something and enjoy the process (hopefully as much as I do!)

3. If you could only have one piece of furniture or appliance in your home for your entire life, what would you choose to be there and why?
 Probably my couch. You can eat dinner on the couch (sadly we often do) sleep on it, relax etc. I can live without a dishwasher, and could even deal with hand washing and air drying laundry. I'd even rather have my couch than my refrigerator! I'm ok with eating out or non-refrigerated. 

4. I know that you're an artist and your artwork is really fascinating. Given the unlimited money and space, what painting of a famous painter will you add to your bedroom?
For being an artist, I have never been much in to art history. I like a lot of art, but would never fancy myself a collector. Even if I did hit the jackpot, buying an original piece of artwork would probably be last on my to-buy list. BUT if I were choosing one I would probably opt for an original Normal Rockwell, like After the Prom. I love the American wholesome, suburban innocence his artwork conveys. It reminds me of being little and seeing life in hues of Rockwellian pastel. It also reminds me of the house I grew up in. It vividly captures memories of my own childhood because my parents had a print of it hanging in the basement where we spent countless hours with friends playing pool, watching movies and being teenagers.

5. If you are to be in a reality tv show, which one would you be on and why? 
I would be on HGTV design star. I am so obsessed with interior decoration and have envisioned myself right along with the contestants from my favorite spot on the couch, critiquing paint choices and imaging what I would do with my own white box challenge. 

6. If you're not a middle school teacher, what work or profession would you be in today?
I have kinda always wanted to be a window dresser! The thought of someone giving me an arsenal of craft materials and creative licensure to figure out the best way to display a product to make passerbys stop and stare, it makes my toes curl. Just call me Hollywood.

Remember Mannequin?
Love that movie.
7. What is the kindest act that a student has ever done to you?
My students do sweet things every day (they also do sneaky, whiney, emotional things, but...) I have a student who comes 2-3 times a week at lunch and just does odd jobs around the room. She is a sweetheart and I really appreciate all her help. She hand made little bows for Vi and Ruby and stitched their names in them, then gave them to me when I left for maternity leave.

8. FEELER, THINKER, CONTROLLER, or ENTERTAINER: Which of these personality types do you usually project when in front of your students?
So, I had to look up these personality types after I decided which one I thought I was (the feeler.)


"Four different personality profiles

The best way to understand each one is to consider how they’re perceived at their best (on a good day when all’s running to plan) and worst.
  • Feeler: Considerate, loyal and sincere, which could be seen as indecisive and over-involved at times.
  • Entertainer: Charismatic, optimistic and humorous, which could sometimes come across as self-centred and sarcastic.
  • Controller: Business-like, direct, decisive, but could be seen as dictatorial and intimidating.
  • Thinker: Logical, detailed and calm, seen by some as unimaginative and stubborn."

I am definitely a feeler as a teacher and in life. One thing I do 100% with my kids is be completely and totally myself. I laugh at silly things I say (and they say,) admit my mistakes, misspell words (or ask them how to spell something) and get excited about the prospect of what they can create in my room each day.

9. How did motherhood change your life? 
Motherhood has completely and totally altered the fiber of my being (to put it lightly.) I am never prepared for the complete and utter, punch-you-in-the-gut and cry happy tears love that comes over me on a daily basis while I'm interacting with my daughters. Sometimes I still feel like the same teenage girl shooting pool in the basement, and I'm like- woah, I have children of my own. I am the caretaker, not the one being taken care of. My parent's still take care of their babies any way they can. They're so full of love and now I get to pass their love on.
10. What is the best life lesson that you've learned from your husband so far?
John is starting to teach me that it is possible to be happy with what you have. Not that I have any reason not to be, but we're always setting goals and pushing ourselves to get more, be more, see more, know more...sometimes it's ok to take a break and just be glad.

 Thanks so much for taking the time to get to know me a bit better! Don't forget to stop by and meet Rea at REAlity Bites then swing over to The Real Housewife of Caroline County to see what Penny has cookin and check out the other bloggers Asking Away this Friday!


  1. I loved that movie too! That would be such a cool job. You are so creative and artistic, I can totally see you have your own show. You never know...Always Dream Big!

    1. Oh Ophelia, from your mouth to god ears! That would be the coolest. I'm o.k with my little slice of blogger not-quite-fame, but you're right, dream big!

  2. David gives me "reality checks" all the time now. I come from having it all and some days it's hard for me to be content with what we have because I always want more.

    1. I find I need reality checks pretty often too. I tend to want it all now, instead of approach things like "if you build it they will come" so to speak.

  3. I love the pageant questions! It's a deviation from the usual, why do you want to be Ms. U or Ms. W question and I always love watching Q&A of pageants. HAHA. I like the idea of the basket full of art supplies, I wanna have it! LOL. And I certainly agree with "sometimes it's ok to take a break and be glad.."

    Thank you once again Megan for inviting me to join. Enjoyed it! Keep in touch! :)

    1. Happy to have you! Your questions were fantastic and it was great getting to know you! I hope you participate in the future!! I will definitely keep in touch.

  4. My husband just actually gave me the speech about being content in the things you have! I am the one that is like lets strive for this or that and we just had this conversation earlier this week! It was more like a lecture...LOL! He talked and I listened but it was good information and its made a difference already!

    1. My husband would never actually tell me I have to change my frame of mind (I wish he would! I need a reality check often) He is not a lets-talk-about-our-feelings kind of guy. I know I need some perspective though.

  5. Love that you paired up with Rea! I met her in the office lobby earlier and I told her how glad I was that she joined AAF and with you as her partner.
    I'm a feeler too (according to the test I took) and realized the yes, I do decide and react based on how I feel about things regardless of facts, That comes way way later. :)
    Happy AskAwayFriday!

  6. Love Norman Rockwell paintings! It's that slice of Americana in every one that makes me nostalgic for a time I never even lived in.
    And my husband is teaching me the very same thing. He is awesome at enjoying the moment and being content with where we are and what we have. There is so much value in that!
    Great answers!!

  7. Bahaha with the movie Mannequin! I love that movie. Here we go with the 80's theme songs again. Dance magic dance ... now I have mannequin in my head :)
    You would be an amazing HGTV star. Just remember us little folk when that dream comes true!
    And I LOVE your questions for Ms. Universe!!

    (¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo

  8. I love watching HGTV too. I could spend all day watching the shows on that channel especially house flipping or renovations.

  9. Ok. I had several points that I loved and wanted to comment on...then I read your last answer. What an awesome lesson! You're so right. My hubby and I do the same thing set goals and where we want to be by when and such but there are times just like you said when you just need to paus and BE happy, content and thankful for where you already are because honestly it's not where you used to be anyway :) Great lesson...thanks for sharing!

  10. AW! I love your husband's thoughts on contentment! I've literally had to fight to keep it at times because I feel like we are constantly inundated with more more more haha! I would totally watch you as a designer. You know I love watching some of the shows on HGTV. I've learned so much about space and design. I would love to get more into DIY stuff in the future. Always a pleasure getting to know you better, Meg! xo

  11. You would be awesome on design star! I used to watch that all the time!!! The mannequin movie actually scared me LOL!

  12. Such amazing answers. I love Norman Rockwell pics...they are just so neat. It is awesome getting to know more about you! Hope that you are having a wonderful weekend!

  13. I love that painting. It really does represent suburban innocence. I too am always setting goals and trying to be better but your husband is right, you need to be happy with what you have. You entire family is adorable! I'm so happy to be apart of the AAF family!

  14. We eat dinner on our couches too. And sleep on them at times. I think I'd have to agree with you about keeping couches over anything else.

  15. Love your answers! I watch Mannequin each time I see it on TV, love it!
    HGTV is my 'go-to' channel, love all the different ideas you can get. I love decorating as well!
    Happy Monday girl!

  16. #10!! yes, yes, yes! So glad that you have #10 down on that list!


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