Friday, November 29, 2013

Ask Away Friday: Week 17

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Recently I connected with a new kindred spirit miles away in Iowa. I met Sarah through our fabulous Friday question sessions and instantly related to her in lots of way. She's the mom of two adorable girls and makes adorable tutus (even sports themed!) for little girls at Baby Bears Tutu. We're new BFFs. Go say hello at!

1.  You seem like you have a super fun and silly personality, have you ever played a joke on someone, like a really really good one?
Why thank you! I'm not much of a prankster on my own, but my girlfriends and I cooked up some really good ones for each other in college. Five of us shared a two apartment house. We would rearrange each others bedrooms and entire apartments just for fun. My friend Jackie is a bit OCD so we would either completely mess up her room (we would always help her clean it again) or just move small things in the slightest way and see how long it would take her to notice (usually all of 5 minutes tops) Here's a shot of me and the girls during one of our many backyard parties at Rutgers. We're missing Sharon who also lived upstairs, and Tone (far right) didn't actually live with us, but she was always there so we called her the honorary roomie. Christin (in the middle) I written about many times. She passed away in 2009. We all grew up together, went to high school together and then ended up at Rutgers together our junior year. Love these girls. 

Left 2003 and right 2010
2.  So we are both mothers of 2 girls.  What is one of your favorite things to buy for them?
I love buying anything for them! Violet's little face lights up when anyone gives her something. She is so easy to please and it's so fun witnessing that joy. I really enjoy buying them clothes, like most mamas. I love the cute little dresses and now that Violet is a bit older it's fun to dress her in cute little get-ups to go to school. She's such a girly girl and loves wearing cute outfits (when she'll actually let me get her dressed) but she's also an adorable mess. A tangle of long hair, hands covered in marker or paint, food in the corners of her mouth- most of the time a brand new outfit will acquire 1 or 2 stains by the end of the day.

3.  You do some amazing artwork, will you come to my house and do it?  Teasing, kinda.  But the real question is what is your inspiration for all you're amazing work?
I think it's just beauty that inspires me. I don't tend to make statements with my artwork or try and convey the depths of my soul, I really just pick color schemes that seem harmonious, add some texture with a mixture of the feminine and masculine, some lace, leather, burlap, satin, snakeskin...whatever I can. I've always undervalued my work because it doesn't represent some mind altering statement. After 4 years of art school I was constantly asked to interpret and analyze and eventually after one too many critiques I felt like screaming, "No! I am not commenting on gender biases or world peace, I just did that because it looked cool!" In the end I create the type of art that I enjoy because I do it  for myself. If others can take it for what it is and still appreciate it, then even better!

4.  Now onto some just serious random questions.  Are you right or left handed?
I'm a righty.

5.  Are you scared of spiders?
Not really. I will kill one, or scoop one up on a piece of paper and throw it outside (usually at school) Spiders on the ceiling give me the heebies though and I think a spider in the car is perhaps the most hazardous circumstance to encounter. I might be able to deal with them, but I will go in to spasms like Ace Ventura if I think there's one crawling on me.

6.  I like jeans, sweaters, boots and scarves. What's your style like?  Like what is something you are most comfortable in?
If I'm going super casual I am all about jeans and a hoodie, but there's not much style in that (though Ill usually add a scarf and a pair of earrings.) If I'm going out or too work, I love a cotton dress, boots and leggings or tights with a cardigan or light jacket. Something like this with a bit more color. Add some bangles, a long necklace and some earrings too... I actually made an example of my perfect fall outfit here: My Fall Fashion
7. If you could meet a famous person (writer, singer, actor) who would it be?
I've talked before about how I've always wanted to meet Walt Disney, so he's at the top of my list. I would love to meet Jason Mraz too. He seems so chill and sweet (he's also super cute.)
8.  What is your favorite restaurant?
I've been wracking my brain trying to come up with an answer for this one that isn't some boring old chain restaurant. This question should not be a mind bender in any way, but I really like going out to eat and have many favorite places to go depending on the location and time of year so allow me to list a few: For a basic, any night out I like Houlihans. It's a chain, most of which are in Jersey, but I just looked it up and there is one in Dubuque, Iowa! They have awesome buffalo wings... If it's a special occasion I will usually choose to go to The Melting Pot for some fondue or head to the Cheesecake Factory for some sinfully delicious (and totally terrible for you) food. If it's summertime, anywhere with outdoor seating is high on my list and I'm not really in to Italian. I know <gasp> My Italian grandma never quite understood my distaste for pasta with red sauce. I'll eat it, but Ill never pick it off a menu.

9.  Do you love or hate Harry Potter. ;)
I really like Harry Potter, but never read the books. I've seen all the movies though and I think they're beautiful and so creative.

10.  Chocolate or vanilla ice cream?
Chocolate all the way!

That's it for this installment of Ask Away Friday! Don't forget to swing by Sarah's blog and check out her answers to the questions I asked her! She co-hosting the link up this week too, so while you're there you can check out the links to all the other fab participants.


  1. How fun! Walt Disney is also on my list. Talk about a man with vision!

  2. LOL at your reference to Ace Ventura. It was one of my favorite movies when I was younger. We have scorpions here and I feel that way more about them than spiders. Thank God I haven't seen either in over a year. So funny about what you are saying about your artwork. I'm glad you feel that way. We were watching this show once where all of these "educated artists" were going to see the artwork of this supposed prodigy and they made all of these observations about the work saying some of the things you mentioned in question number 3. After all that, it was revealed to them that it was a kid who painted the canvases who had no previous art experience. :)

  3. I like your answer about restaurants! When my husband and I started dating he introduced me to a lot of mom and pop restaurants and often times they are over looked because they arent the "big" places but they usually have GREAT food!!!

  4. I love Walt Disney too and he came up with innovations that are still taking place today. :) We went to Disney in 2010 and it was so much fun.

  5. I love Harry Potter movies and books! Walt Disney would be super cool to meet and I love Jason Mraz's voice.

  6. These are amazing questions and answers! I think the Harry Potter movies are amazing! Oh yes, I hate the spiders hanging down from the ceiling, I just killed one of those tonight. Hope you have a great week!

  7. Please don't tell me you lived in my sister's freshman dorm on Douglass. She did some crazy stunts on April Fool's Day. She put saran wrap on the toilet seats and arranged a pie (stolen from Neilson Dining Hall) to hit some poor unsuspecting woman in the face when she went into the bathroom!
    And when I was at Rutgers, I did a 12 page paper on Walt Disney's life and vision. I wrote it the morning it was due!

  8. I loved your answers! Thank you for being such a great partner. Hope you had an amazing Thanksgiving!

  9. My hubster had a spider, a nasty looking spider in his front dash of his car, passenger side! Luckily, our son was sitting in the front. I was freaking out watching it the whole time. My hubster will take them and squeeze them in his fingers! EW, ew, ew!

  10. I'm looking forward to seeing the new Tom Hanks movie where he plays Walt Disney. I don't know much about Walt Disney, but the tailor looks interesting.

  11. I often watch movies, there are some music that I don't know where to look, Can anyone show me which websites download free music?


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