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Halloweenmas: Family Photo-shoot Fashion

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Halloweenmas: When Halloween Meets Christmas

I know I'm not the only one moaning and groaning at the premature appearance of Christmas commercials. Is it me or does it happen a little sooner every year? Soon we're going to be celebration Halloweenmas and the month of November will cease to exist all together. My house is still adorned with spiderwebs and pumpkins and yet, here I am actually thinking about yuletide cheer! I blame it on this commercial actually. It made me watch it. I couldn't resist. Maybe it was all the shiny stuff, or the handsome father figure, but I allowed this one to penetrate and when it did I found myself thinking...

(*This is not a sponsored post. I genuinely like this commercial and am sharing it because it inspired me...)

First I wondered which style in that video would I call "my" style? If I could have a photographer for a day, about $1000 to spend on wardrobe changes and decor, and children who would actually tolerate it, what would the Hawthorne family's holiday style be?

Out of all the options in the commercial I have to say I gravitate toward the ski lodge style. I love traditional holiday plaids and fair isle coziness with the rustic feel of a lit fireplace and hot coco. Swap the ski lodge for a farmhouse and you've got me. Now thanks to MasterCard and JCrew, I was off on a mental tangent planning this year's Christmas card while eating my daughter's Halloween candy...Fa-la-la-la-laaa-la-la-la-BOO!

After hunting for a reasonably priced photographer (reasonable in our world right now means as cheap as they come or we're going to <cringe> JC Penny's) Luckily I found someone who must be a gift from the heavens because she is extremely talented and her photography is gorge. We are all booked for the end of this month, she's meeting us at a nearby farm that we have made many family memories at and is even giving us wardrobe changes! Unfortunately with a 3 year-old who fights me tooth and nail to take her pajamas off every day, the name of the game for us with be layers and props. This is what I came up with...

Holiday Family Photo Shoot Style

All the outfits capture a little of the holiday traditional style that I love, right down to the red and green. You can find all of these clothes and direct links to the sites I found them on my Pinterest board dedicated to holiday photo ideas, but here's a breakdown of each outfit including where it's from, a link and some of my thoughts:

(I truly intend to purchase everything in this collage for myself and the fam. The hubby even agreed to let me dress him!)

Mom:  The dress is by Forever 21. I have to get to the store and actually try it on, because ya never really know what its going to look like. Lord knows I'm no model, even a plus size one, so here's hoping. I actually have similar boots already and purchased them last year at DSW, however it's the boot socks I need. You can find them on Etsy at Grace and Lace Co. The scarves are from Old Navy and there are two because I can't decide which one I'm going to get...I'm leaning towards green. I'm a strictly Chapstick kinda gal, but I can always find use for some red lipstick around the holidays, and if I'm buying make up, it's Mac. Two colors stood out to me Russian Red and Ruby Woo. Here's a comparison from which I borrowed the image.

Dad: Confession- I was "that girl" who insisted on a man make-over when I first met my hubby. He kinda needed an update and I was more than willing. I love him just the same and bless his heart- clothes are just not important to him, but he was in desperate need of some jeans that didn't expose his white tube socks when he sat down. Anyhow, his outfit is all from Old Navy too (can you tell I'm a fan?) He's not a big coat person, so we're going with layers- first the plain flannel, then the sweater and a vest on top. He's going to look hot!

Toddler: I really can't wait to see Violet in this dress. I knew I wanted her in a plaid dress, and I started by looking at Ralph Lauren because his clothes really set the standard for the all American, preppy, farmhouse, ski lodge, whatchamacallit Christmas look that I'm going for. One problem: I am not all about spending $75 on a one time dress (or any children's clothing item for that matter.) I searched for a while and then found myself on where I found lot of cute stuff, including the one pictured above. There is something so sweet about the retro look on little girls. I'm over all the glitter and bows for now. The red peacoat and boots are also from Old Navy. We bought the coat last year and somehow it still fits and is sooo cute on her. Bonus- they have it this year too! Just picked up the boots last week too and they are great. The hard part will be keeping them clean until Christmas...or the photo shoot at the very least.

Baby: This one actually took me a while because I had in my head what I wanted, but couldn't find it anywhere. My original intent was to find a cute little smock dress with Christmas tree print or reindeer print. Violet wore this adorable, fox print dress on her birthday this year and I fell in love with it. I wanted to go with another sweet and retro look and that's when I remembered the dresses I grew up wearing in the 80s. I really think little girls look classic in cute little bishop dress. It took a while to find them for a reasonable price considering so many are hand stitched, but has a great selection, including the one I'm ordering for Ruby. The sweater and shoes, well, we're going to be spending a lot of time in Old Navy this weekend. I'm all about one stop shopping!! Believe it or not, almost more difficult than finding the perfect dress was finding green tights for a baby. You wouldn't think so! And finding the light green that's in the dress? Impossible. You can imagine how excited I was when I found cute ruffled leg warmers on Zulily instead! I'll just through them on top of a pair of white stockings and voila!

Check out my Pinterest board for more images, including some inspiration for props and poses!
I really can't wait to see how this whole shoot comes together. We're scheduled to meet at the farm at 4pm on November 24th. Hopefully I will get the images soon after and then Ill design a Christmas card. Keep an eye out- of course I'll share them with you! 

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming- it's NOVEMBER! Let's try to get through Thanksgiving first, shall we?

What's your Christmas style? Are you British? Sparkly? Ski Lodge? Black tie? Or maybe a little whatchamacallit like me!


  1. I really love everything you chose! I've actually never done a family shoot before, we just do pictures of my daughter. I always felt like...ugh, how would I coordinate our outfits??? I loved looking at your ideas, they all go so well together!

  2. Last year we just used pictures we had taken through the year too, but Violets first Christmas we had professional pics taken so we're doing the same for Ruby this year. I found an amazing deal though, so I might try and do it yearly if I can! A lot of photographers do mini sessions for around $60-$100 that includes a few image and the digital copies plus the rights! I'm glad you like the outfits. I had to put them all together to make sure they actually work before I go buy everything!

  3. what a great post. I am just starting my list I'm a bit late at it this year, I love you choices. I am British, and well a bit of sparkly too. Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop. You help to make it so much fun.♥

  4. fun! i have to say I'm definitely one of those "Ok, halloween is over. Now can we get to the Holiday season" people. I have an annual Christmas card that I take ridiculous pride in, they're always totally silly. And back in the day when I had more time i would literally cut out red triangles and hole punch white dots and glue on santa hats to my Christmas picture card. i love the idea of holiday style too. Hmmm? I think I'm Glitter Traditional. that's a real style, right? And Fa-la-la-la-laaa-la-la-la-BOO? really Meg... love it.

  5. love it!! I went through the same thing when we took our family pictures...good luck!

  6. This is all so adorable. I have yet to get my entire Team in a full professional Family Photo...maybe this year? LOL

  7. Adorable! I'm still trying to schedule a family photo shoot for my crew. I wanted to get it with the fall leaves but it just didn't happen.... oh well!

  8. I think your pictures will turn out very cute!! I was put in charge of organizing my family's photo this year because we're actually going to all be together for once. I love organizing, coordinating all the outfits, etc. We've got picture-taking planned for next weekend, now we just hope that we won't freeze to death outside! :)

  9. Love, love, love the smock dress! They are my favorite. These outfits are great and coordinate well. I found you via Pin It Monday Hop. Pinned this to refer back to later. Have a great day!


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