Saturday, November 23, 2013

Holiday Polish Swap

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I participated in my first blogger swap this month! After some gentle convincing from some of my blogger BFFs I decided to give it a go. I was a little worried I wouldn't remember to send everything on time, but I put my big girl pants on and mailed a pretty sparkly polish out to my partner, Ashley in Kansas who blogs over at The Ramblin Rooster

She wanted sparkly and I fell in love with the coppers, golds and teals in this OPI polish "The Living Daylights." It has a clear base, so it looks pretty over lots of base colors or by itself! I sent it along with a card I made and eagerly anticipated the arrival of my polish!

Here it is!

Just in time for the holidays and would you believe I don't actually own red nail polish? I love Essie too. I wish I could show you a picture of it on my nails, but there are two reason that has yet to happen... For one, Violet ganked it the second she saw it and demanded that we paint her nails. I was all set to paint them too, until she decided she wanted Daddy to do it.


The did not go over too well. John being the amazing Daddy that he is agreed to give it a go. He thought he did pretty good too, but when she showed me them I couldn't hide my dismay (more like complete and utter shock and terror.) It was pretty atrocious. Poor Vi noticed my reaction, but wouldn't let me fix them, so off to school she went all week long looking like she painted her own nails in the back of a school bus. Luckily the polish eventually wore off her skin, so what's left is on her nails and not much at that. 

I'll try it out soon on my own, but unfortunately with the stress of going back to work last week, my nails have caught the brunt of it (ie: I bit them all down...terrible habit I know.)
Even when they are long they usually look like this:

Covered in various art materials. Pretty huh?

SO- I will be making a conscious effort to relieve my stress in other ways so that my nails can grow and I can put that pretty polish to good use! Thanks Ashley and thanks to our hostesses Dean, Penny, Courtney, and Amanda for convincing me to participate- I'll definitely do it again. Click on any of their names to be brought to the link up and check out all the reveals from those of us who participated!


  1. that red is beautiful! I love Essie polishes!

  2. I love that Hot Mama Red!!!
    Violet is a doll :)

  3. That red is beautiful!!! Perfect for the Holidays!!!

  4. Love the polish with the card -- very festive!

  5. That color is Holiday Perfection!!! My Gorlies claimed mine as well...Aaah Girls! Love 'Em :)


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