Friday, December 6, 2013

Ask Away Friday: week 18

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This week I am so excited to have paired up with Wendy from Effie Girl: the everyday girl. We met through Ask Away Friday and discovered that we actually live only about a half hour away from each other and she is lucky enough to live in one of my very favorite towns to visit. She is such a sweet person and we share a love of all things accessories and arts and crafts. We have plans to meet up very soon and I can't wait! 

1. Where do you like to shop for yourself?
I'm kind of addicted to Old Navy for clothes. It's hit or miss but most of the time I go in there I find tons of cute stuff. I love their pj pants. I like shopping at Target too! I always find cute dresses there. I love Etsy for unique accessories or Forever 21 and New York and Co. if I'm at the mall.

My Old Navy Santa jammies
2. Where is your favorite beach getaway, on the Jersey side?
I love Point Pleasant Beach. It is family friendly, the aquarium and kiddie rides are great for the girls.

and if I happens to finds myself there without them, I love listening live music or relaxing on the beach with a bucket of Coronas at Martell's Tiki Bar.

3. Beer or Wine?
I like both, but I'm a beer girl. A tall glass of Blue Moon with a big ol' orange is a slice of heaven for me.

4. Does your hubster have any annoying quirks? 
Does he. I list a slew of them in my About Me page, most of which are endearing. As for annoying...well- when he shaves he uses the hand towel in the bathroom and doesn't replace it. That drives me nuts. His idea of cleaning is making piles of things. He's also a real jokester to the point where he is rarely ever serious. He's is funny, but sincerity is hard for him. He doesn't express his feeling with every word he says like I tend to do. Lord knows I am FAR farrrrrrrr from perfect myself, but he is the most loving father in the world and he would do anything for his 3 girls. 

5. Show us a picture of your favorite spot in your home. 
Hands down my studio in the attic. Unfortunately the attic door is in Ruby's room so it's not always ideal, but it is my sanctuary. It is one place that belongs solely to me. It's currently not nearly as clean as it is in the pics below, but it's my mess.

6. Dogs or cats?
We have two cats, Hickory and Paisley (there are pics of them in my sidebar) and my parents have a dog (a boxer) Sadie who is my family's dog and she's the best. I like both, but have no urge to own a dog in the near future. It's more than we can handle right now. 

7. How often do you cook in a week?
Would you consider toasting an English Muffin cooking? If so, then daily. If not, then never. <sheepish smile> I know. I'm "supposed to" know how to and want to cook. I just don't, but I am becoming more interested in it!

8. Do you put both socks on, then shoes?  Or one sock, one shoe? 
I rarely wear socks unless I'm putting on a pair of boots. I don't actually own a pair of sneakers so it's flip flops, uggs, and flats on rotation for me. On the occasion that I do though, I put both socks on and then both shoes. I have seriously never even though about this. Do people actually do it the other way around??

9. Do you spell the color, gray or grey?
It depends really! Actually I just had to decide the other day which way I wanted to spell it for something and I chose -ey over g-r-a-y. I like the way it looks better with an "e."

10. You are very talented with your crafting, I'm jealous.  Which one craft, was your most challenging? 
Thank you! I'm actually having a really hard time with this one, but I keep coming back to painting my fridge with chalkboard paint. It was fun and I love it, but it was a long and messy process. (Here's how I did it...)

                                                                                                                                                                                               So that's it for this week! Be sure to swing by to say hi to Wendy and check out her answers to the questions I asked her.


  1. Fabulous answers! I absolutely loved the chalkboard fridge, that is so cool! I would definitely do it in our house...I would have to go with a color, though...just to be funky! LOL! Have a great weekend!

  2. Oh Goodness! What a brilliant idea to paint your fridge with chalkboard paint! We rent, but I am going to do this when we buy a house. I want to come hang out in your studio! It looks really peaceful!

  3. What awesome questions! Way to go Effie! Of course your answers are awesomesauce as well Meg! I love the one about the socks...I don't think I've ever really thought about it. I do the same as you though. Both on then shoes or whatever. Also, I was just debating with my Teenager the other day about grey vs. gray. I think I switch off and on and he says it should depend on what area of the country you live in...LOL

  4. Lets go to Old Navy and Target together now! That chalkboard fridge is fricken amazing, holy crap. Come do mine bff?

  5. Haha, great answers girlie!! Love the frig, I did that on my kitchen wall in the beach house. Of which, you must come during the summer with the kiddies, OCNJ. (seriously) Your favorite space looks so cozy, love it! My space is definitely more the feel of a Spa, haha, hence the skincare. White, white, white, I'm into white a lot lately. Haha, the socks/shoes questions was one of the hubsters. After that he walked out of the room saying, "hey, your blog is your frustration, not mine, LOL". Funny guy. Grey is British and Gray is more American; I asked this because I looked it up the other day in a conversation with my sister questioning the 'gray' on the sign I made for her daughter :) Og course Grey can also be "50 Shades"…!
    Can't wait to meet up! Cheers to the weekend.

  6. It was so nice to meet you via #AskAwayFriday! Your blog is adorable. Your husband and my husband the jokester and the piles thing in common! If you ever find a solution to the piles please pass it along :) I LOVE the chalkboard fridge! That's the first time I've seen that - super creative and fun!

  7. Mmm .. Blue Moon. I tell you I'm not a beer fan but I had a nice yummy blue moon after one of my races and it was delicious! We now have an entire beer fridge stocked with it. Proud right?? LOL
    Cooking sucks. I can get away with it but by no means is it my favorite thing to do. I make some dishes that are off the charts but most of the time I figure cereal is fine for me {much to the dismay of my family.} If I had a private chef I'd be set. I love to eat, I just hate to cook.

    (¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo

  8. Love Blue Moon! And became a big fan of Fat Tire over the summer, too! And I LOVE your fridge, and your floor! Love that classic black and white checker pattern! My sister-in-law had that in her old house. She always complained about it and I always drooled over it! Go figure! haha!

  9. I love how you dressed up your older looking fridge and made it your own personal style. :) Great idea.

  10. Im creating your questions for Ask Away Friday and in reading back a few post I found this one! I LOVE the refrigerator idea!!!


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