Thursday, December 19, 2013

Ask Away Friday: Week 20

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How has it been 20 weeks of Ask Away Friday?? I love getting to know so many awesome bloggers from week to week and this 20th edition is no exception- I was happy to swap with Carissa of The Green Eyed Lady Blog. Read on to check out 10 questions she asked me and make sure to swing on by to visit her page, our awesome hosts and co-host, and the rest of the AAF participants. 

 1. I love the name of your blog, what is the history behind it?
Thank you! I was trying to think of a catchy, crafty title that sounded good and could sum up my style. I've always liked paisleys. I like the retro feel they evoke and how intricate and unique, yet familiar and recognizable they are- Paisley is also the name of one of my 2 cats (that's her over there to the right in my side bar on the bottom. The other one is Hickory, or "Hickey" as we call her.) "Patchwork" came about after a lot of brainstorming of words that would encompass the idea of an eclectic mix of things. That is a big part of my style and what I'm all about- varieties of textures, patterns and colors that somehow work together, just like a patchwork! Add to that the cozy, homey feel of patchwork quilt you have the overall feeling of exactly what I want to surround myself with and share with others: comfort, familiarity and understated, easy beauty.

2. What do you have left for the Holidays to get done?
Well, we have honestly only been on one shopping excursion and pretty much banged out all the kids presents (our 3 year old and the nieces and nephews) in one night out to Target and Toys R Us. As of right now I have to mail out our Christmas cards (just arrived from Zazzle today) wrap said presents and buy a handful of presents for the family including all of my hubby's gifts. We're headed to Atlantic City Sunday night and plan to hit up the outlets while we're there (It's supposed to be almost 70 degrees too!! Whaaaat?) Needless to say- I am
a bit behind... 
PicMonkey designed, Zazzle printed.
3. Why did you start blogging?
I started out blogging so that I had a way to share my DIYs, home decor and random crafts with friends. I often post things I'm working on over on my personal Facebook and get lots of "how do you do that?" questions. The blog became a place to put all the how to's so I could direct my friends there for the step by step. The more research I did, the more I learned about the amazing community and opportunities available to bloggers and I was lucky enough to meet a core group of pretty amazing bloggers right from the start who have been super supportive.

4. Its your turn to plan date night with your husband, what do you plan?
We're big movie lovers, so I know that he would love to catch a flick, maybe after dinner out and a stroll through Princeton...

5. I read your about me section and I am the SAME way with crayons and stuff, and I also like crafting…if we got together to do crafts what would you plan for us?
These are a few I've made for Ruby and purchased by a friend
OOoooo wellllll it would definitely involve a few bottles if wine (why not?) and some snacks, lots of colorful fabric, foam core and my trusty glue gun. I can't live without my glue gun. Lately I'm really in to letters, so we would probably make a 3D Anthropologie letter knock off. 

6.What are three items in your purse that you cannot live without?
My phone/wallet, my sunglasses and cherry Chapstick.

7. If you had a day to yourself…to do only what you wanted what would you do?
A day??? A whole entire day?? Well, I would wake up when my body told me too and not the alarm (it would probably still be no later than 8.) I would spend the morning with coffee and computer in hand catching up on blog stuff. Then, I'd go up in my studio and get lost in a craft project or do some home reno. I've been dying to redo the back-splash in my kitchen. Maybe I'd even treat myself to a sandwich at Panera Bread and head to the movies solo to catch a chick flick. There's something really liberating about going to the movies alone...

8. What are your family traditions for the Holidays?
We do a Christmas Eve open house at my parents where all friends and family are welcome. My Grandma makes her amazing braciole and chicken cutlets, along with lots of other yummies and we just hang out. We like to play some rousing games of Apples to Apples too when the kids allow. In the past we would sleep at my parents up until Violet was 2 and then have a lazy Christmas morning with my mom's overnight french toast, presents and eventually family nap time. Since we will be waking up at our house this year to start building our own traditions my mom will be sending me home with my own tray of overnight french toast...kind of bitter sweet.

9. If "Santa" could bring you ANYTHING in the world (nothing is to big or small…or expensive) what would you ask him for?
I'm getting a new car before New Years and that is really the thing I want most right now, but if Santa could put full home renovation under my Christmas tree this year, that would be fabulous. We're living in an adorable American foursquare built in the 20s with lots of character, but unfortunately things are falling apart. I love being miss fix it, but my skills don't cover leaky radiators, exterior paint jobs and demolition and unfortunately neither do John's. 

10. If you could sit and craft with anyone in the world…who would it be and why? And what craft would you pick to do?
Hmmm...I would love to get crafty with some of the amazing HGTV hostesses. I could learn so much and dazzle them with my crazy, colorful sense of style. I'd really love to work on a home rehab project with Nicole Curtis from Rehab Addict. I totally admire her hands on, there's-nothing-I-can't-do, so-what-if-I'm-a-girl? attitude. I have a similar outlook on all things DIY and sometimes have to force myself to stop creating more projects with no time to do  them. 

That's it for this week! Here's wishing a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours.


  1. I love your little all are so cute!

    1. Thanks!! I like how they came out even though getting the pictures taken was a whole debacle.

  2. I love the Christmas card! You all are too darn cute!

    1. Thank you!! We had the whole photo shoot planned forever and it kept getting messed up by the weather but the snow ended up being pretty

  3. I love your answers!!! A craft day together sounds like fun...and yes a glass of wine is much needed! LOL!!! I dont want a home renovation but I do want santa to bring everything together so we can move!!! Guess I need to find him and talk to him...LOL!!!!

  4. I am in love with your Christmas are seriously the PicMonkey QUEEN! I desgined ours on there as well but yours came out awesome! i think I may go with zazzle for printing next year...amazing. I love your answers as always and I can relate to your shock and getting a Whole Day to yourself...LOL That would be awesome! :D

  5. These are amazing answers! I had your page up earlier and my daughter saw the pics of your letters and she said I want that K, momma! :) I would love for Santa to bring me a home reno, that would be awesome! Of course, so would a Kitchen-aid mixer! LOL! I absolutely love HGTV & DIY networks, I have one of them on most days! Have a great weekend, Meg!

  6. You're day alone sounds PERFECT!! And if I lived near you... I'd probably interrupt your day to craft and have some Panera with you :)

  7. Your Christmas card is so cute, I need to get more into PicMonkey. You would be my 'anyone' to craft with, haha!
    Love watching HGTV and getting ideas. Some days I just want to totaling revamp my house after watching, or start flipping houses. I have gone to the movies several times, alone. It is a rather good time actually. :)


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