Monday, December 16, 2013

Tuesday Tunesday: Week 3

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We all need a little music in our lives. A good song can answer a question, soothe the soul and provide an escape. It can recall a memory in the most vivid detail and evoke the most intense feelings.

 “Music is the great uniter. An incredible force. Something that people who differ on everything and anything else can have in common.” -Sarah Dessen

We created Tunesday Tuesday to do just that, bring people together through music.

Every Monday night at 9pm the link up will go live at The Patchwork Paisley, Drinking the Whole Bottle, Momma Candy, and MrsTeeLoveLifeLaughter. We will designate a theme, and hope that you will share a song that embodies said theme for you. Post the video for the song, an audio clip, the lyrics- however you want to do it. Then, write a little something about why this song captures the week's theme and link up your post here with us! 

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It would be awesome if you would follow your lovely hostesses (links below,) but other than that- let's have fun with this! Know a fellow music lover who should get in on the party? Let them know about it! Want to share your groove with the world? Tweet it should you feel so inclined. Want to grab a button? Go for it. It's really pretty and you'll find it down below.
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The Patchwork Paisley

This Week's

Is there one song you hear each year that make you all warm and toasty inside? 

Or maybe it's one that you will scream if you hear just one more time?

It's the holiday season! Lets celebrate!

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Can't stick around for this week's party?? 
Next week's theme will be...
A Dedication

So, let me preface my clip this week by saying, I am a classic Christmas carol lover. Johnny Mathis' Christmas album is my all-time favorite. Just the sound of his voice takes me back in time to the feeling of Christmas as a little kid- visions of sugar plums, anticipating the surprise of the next morning and all the stress free warm and fuzzies. Don't get me wrong I LOVE Christmas, but just today on my drive home from work I realized that in 10 days it will all be over and I will be left with that sort of sad feeling. All the anticipation will be in the past and the cold months of winter will span out before me with not much to break up the dreary blues except more snow. As a sun worshiper (vitamin D is truly a necessity in my life) I get extremely antsy in the doldrums of January-March. Nowadays Christmas comes lots of money to be spent, wrapping to be done and the impossible task of organizing too many toys with no place to put them. Am I sounding like a scrooge yet?? I totally didn't mean to- stay with me here...

What I realized today is that I need to ignore the stress and open my eyes to all the things I love and have always loved about the season- and the best part: I get to live through my oldest daughter's extremely genuine and beautiful delight with all things Christmas. She literally squeals with excitement every time we pass the same light display. I CANT WAIT to see her face on Christmas morning. She is 3 this year and it is the first year she will be aware of the tradition and story behind Christmas. Christmas is different now and I'm ok with it, but I won't allow myself to wake up on December 26th and realize sadly that I let the holiday pass me by before I actually noticed and felt that it was here. SO- in honor of new Christmas experiences: My all-time fave song has always been Little Drummer Boy (I don't really know why, it just always was.) I considered posting the Johnny Mathis version that I know and love so much, but the other day I came across this amazing a capella version and it just perfectly sums up Christmas through the eyes of a this mama- traditional, new, and beautiful.

Hope you'll stop by some of the links below to check out what some other awesome bloggers are listening to this holiday season!


  1. Great Pick! My Kiddies have to sing this song for the church program...I have been a fan of Pentatonix ever since The Sing Off competition! I have their version on my playlist... :D

  2. ♡ Nice pick! This December has gone by so fast, and I, like you, want to just stop and enjoy it. Last night I got the shopping done for my babies, and now I'm in full Christmas Holly Jolly mode :)

  3. I love this song, too! And what a great rendition!


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