Monday, February 17, 2014

Tunesday Tuesday Week 11: A Love Song

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We all need a little music in our lives. A good song can answer a question, soothe the soul and provide an escape. It can recall a memory in the most vivid detail and evoke the most intense feelings.

 “Music is the great uniter. An incredible force. Something that people who differ on everything and anything else can have in common.” -Sarah Dessen

We created Tunesday Tuesday to do just that, bring people together through music.

Every Monday night at 9pm the link up will go live at The Patchwork Paisley, Drinking the Whole Bottle, Momma Candy, and MrsTeeLoveLifeLaughter. We will designate a theme, and hope that you will share a song that embodies said theme for you. Post the video for the song, an audio clip, the lyrics- however you want to do it. Then, write a little something about why this song captures the week's theme and link up your post here with us! 

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This Week's

We took a week off last Tuesday, but we're back this week and we want to hear your favorite love song!

What song has special meaning to you and someone you love?
                 Maybe the song itself sweeps you away on waves of love.
Please share!

**Don't forget to link up your post below & visit some participants to see what they're jamming out to!**

Can't stick around for this week's party?? 
Next week's theme will be...

Your Favorite Song to Shake Your Booty To!

I'm not a big slow song lover. If you were to ask my husband to choose a song from a list that I would like, he would immediately eliminate all the slow stuff and go from there. Maybe it's because gone are the days when I used to imagine a love described in some of these songs or pined after the hero figure conveyed through the gently strummed cords of my heartstrings. 

I generally like to listen to music that will lift my mood and have me boppin' in my seat, but every once in a while a song gets through and leave my heart in my throat in the best way imaginable.

I couldn't ever pick 1 so I'm setting you up with 3 this week...again. All of them are completely different:

I Miss You by Incubus

Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman by Bryan Adams

Independent Love Song by Scarlet (wait until you hear the story behind this one...)

Did I say 3? I meant 4...I can't leave this one out:

Your Guardian Angel by Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

For your listening pleasure:


That one is just beautiful. I am in love with Brandon Boyd's voice, it is absolute perfection and so beautifully capture the desperation and longing of missing someone you love.


I vividly remember being a teenage hopeless romantic and pining- and I don't just mean wishing and hoping, but actually feel it stab you in the heart longing for a man. Specifically the one described in this song. Or Bryan Adams himself.

"When you can see your unborn children in her eyyyyyes..."

{S W O O N}


Ok. You've probably never heard this song and if you have, you just might recognize it from the entirely underrated movie Bed of Roses with Christian Slater and...well, Christian Slater in all of his raspy voiced, floppy haired, 80's heartthrob glory. 

I fell in love with this song when I saw it in the movie and started this thing with my friends... I don't know how to explain it other than to say that the climax of the song is powerful. I always said life should have a soundtrack and I was a frivolous daydreamer growing up. At some point I decided that, if I were to have that amazing, first kiss moment with the current object of my affection, it would be at that exact moment in the song when the music builds up to a passionate climax. 

Oh god, I feel like an ass explaining this.

Anyway, I literally made my friends, guys and girls, lay down and shut their eyes while I played this song. They were specifically instructed to imagine a scenario with the person they wanted to kiss. They were to let the scene play out in their head until they heard the music build at at that moment, imagine that person finally kissing you. 

I know, so silly, but every time, even the people who thought it was ridiculous would inevitably try it, and at that part the room would be full of shit-eating grins.

It's a prime example of music being able to move you and punctuate a moment in the best way.

(You should try it.)


This one is hauntingly beautiful and somewhat sad, but it's another song that literally makes my heart ache with the emotion behind each word that is sung. I'm a sucker for a "rock ballad" type crescendo. Throw in soul bearing lyrics that speak to the many sides of love in all of it's glory and heartbreak and it's hook, line, and sinker. 

Hope you'll stop by some of the links below to check out what some other awesome bloggers are listening to this week!


  1. Absolutely all new love songs to my ears. I'm really lovin' Your Guardian Angel. The music & lyrics are quite lovely. Thanks for the enlightenment choices on this round of tunes. Feel free to hit the dance floor with us on Monday's Music Moves Me!

  2. I have only heard the Brian Adams song (which I would sing at the top of my I was getting paid!) I am liking your other choices as well. Always love adding new songs to my Playlist! :D

  3. Glad to have found you through the Tunesday Tuesday Blog Hop! Like Tiffany, I'd only heard the Bryan Adams' song, so it was nice to be exposed to these new ones. :)

  4. After I posted my love song, I remembered... Bryan Adams. I loved Robin Hood's Everything I Do (definitely danced that one at a 6th grade dance with same Teenage Boy) so I also loved Don Juan's Have You Ever Loved a Woman.. such a good one. Independent Love Song. You went deep for the one, Meg. I remember that song too and was grinning when I heard it. Even before you're little game. Favorite Line: "Oh God, I feel like an ass for explaining this." Because I too was a daydreamer. I would hit play, close my eyes, and daydream my own love stories away... Love you, Meg.

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