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Ask Away Friday With Mrs.Tee

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It's Ask Away Friday again and my second week returning to my favorite link up. If you're not familiar with it, Ask Away Friday was created by my  girl Penny from The Real Housewife of Caroline County and is a weekly thang where bloggers get to know each other through swapping 10 questions which we post for all to see. If you'd like to see some of the other participants, swing by and visit our lovely hosts to check out the links to all the Ask Away Friday Partcipants at:

I'm especially excited this week to be partnering with my very first blogger buddy, Tiffany at Tiffany and I met during my first week exploring the world of blogging in a SITs Girls forum. Since then we have been part of the same blogging circle, video chatted, co-hosted blog hops, and been co-administrators of a fast growing Facebook page for Newbie Bloggers. I feel like we are truly friends with or without the computer screen between us, and her friendship has meant a lot to me (love ya Tiff!)

SO- here are the 10 awesome questions she asked me, and when you're done make sure to stop by and check out how she answered my questions.

Name 3 things within arms' reach of you right now. 
I am actually using a bit of my lunch time at work to get a few questions answered, so I am surrounded by "teacher stuff." So- we have my coffee mug. It was a gift from a friend and it has owls on it, which I love, and it also happens to be our school mascot. I also have a little Frida Kahlo sugar skull that my good friend and co-worker made for me while we were cooperating on a Dia de los Muertos lesson for our 6th graders this year. Lastly, there are pictures of my family and best friends that make me smile every day.

Describe yourself if you were a color. What color would you be and why?
Wow this is a tough one. I don't know if I can pick just one color! Ok, it would have to be purple. I've just always very deeply loved the color. Specifically a rich, deep, more bluish than red-ish, purple. It's funny because nothing in my house is purple, I don't often wear the color, but I just think it's beautiful. You know my daughter's name is Violet too, which was actually a choice made separately from my love for the color family. I think it sums up my personality too because it's feminine, but not as distinctively girly as pink. It's a deep color, and vibrant, but in a understated way and I can relate to that.

If you could have any Art/Craft supply with no care to cost what would it be?
Hmmm...I would really love to have all the materials necessary for a glass studio. I only have basic working knowledge of what it all entails beyond a hunk of money, lots of space, and proper ventilation and safety precautions, but I think it would be pretty cool to have a studio space devoted to it.

When is the last time you went shopping just for you? What did you buy?
We went to Old Navy the other day with the intention of picking out some winter clothes for Violet (and eventually Ruby.) I have a shopping problem so it's very hard for me to resist when I fall in love with something in a store, BUT I saw this sweater that was just perfection. It wasn't a shopping trip made just for me, but it was something that was purchased just because I loved it. It wasn't bought for practicality or necessity.

Who's your current celebrity crush?
I have a bunch that are my staples. Ryan Reynolds is my all-time fave and I just can't see anyone taking his place for me, but I also love Chris Hemsworth who was recently names sexiest man alive apparently. Then there's James McAvoy, who doesn't really follow suit with Ryan and Chris, but I just love the character he plays in so many of his movies, especially Becoming Jane and Penelope. So yeah, those 3 are my "go tos" BUT currently I am obsessed with Hook from Once Upon a Time (Colin O'Donoghue) and am falling back in love with Scott Foley thanks to Scandal. We have a history Scott and me. I've loved him since he was Nole Crane in Felicity, so I'm really excited to be watching him kill it in another show.
Collage of hotness: image 1, image 2, image 3, image 4, image 5

Flats, Sneakers or Boots?
I'm not a sneakers person AT ALL. I have one pair and I don't really like to wear them. I know I should, and if (and this is a rare if) I'm working out, something else I know I should do more, I wear them. I love a good boot in the fall and winter though, and when I'm not wearing those I have on my Minnetonka Moccasins or flip flops in the summer.

Thanksgiving is next week. When do you start cooking: the night before or morning of?
Ummm... <sheepish smile> I don't. I pretty much don't really cook in general sooo...yeah. But I'm pretty sure my mom starts cooking a bit the night before. I did make the mashed potatoes last year though. This year we are handling desserts and I was thinking I'd try and fun cranberry dish...Still looking for a recipe though!

What was your most memorable Thanksgiving and why?
I really miss some of the traditions of yesteryear. Like back in college when we all would gather at the local pub on Thanksgiving eve for mini high school reunion. It was so much fun running in to people you haven't seen in a long time. It would get packed, like line out the door packed, but it was always a great time. Most of all though, I miss the tradition I used to do with a small group of some of my best friends. It started in 2002 when we all lived together at Rutgers University. We would all go to our respective homes and do our family Thanksgiving, usually having an early dinner. Then later on when we all got home, we'd bust out the leftovers from all the different meals and eat all over again. It was always accompanied by lots of laughs and some booze, and as the years went on we would look forward to certain dishes. We continued this for years after college and I think the last one we had was 4 or more years ago. Sadly, many of us live far away and/or have families and for now it makes things a little harder, but I'm sure we'll do it again some day. Still, I miss it a lot. Here's a pic the night of our leftovers night from 2006:

I know we both love music. If you could pick one song to be the theme to the TV show based on your life what would it be?
It would have to be "Follow Your Arrow" by Kacie Musgraves. I love the song and I truly believe in the message.

Would you rather lose your sense of smell or taste? Why?
Definitely smell. I have a friend who doesn't have sense of smell (it's actually more common than you'd think) she was born that way and gets along just fine without it, but taste? No way. I love food. Not being able to taste it is torture. I've lost my sense of taste before temporarily when I've had a bad cold and it is the worst.

That's that! Don't forget to stop b y to check out Tiffany's answers to my questions and all the great bloggers we have participating in this week's Ask Away Friday. See you next week! Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Ask Away Friday with Barnadyn from "B is for"

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It's Ask Away Friday again and my second week returning to my favorite link up. If you're not familiar with it, Ask Away Friday was created by my  girl Penny from The Real Housewife of Caroline County and is a weekly thang where bloggers get to know each other through swapping 10 questions which we post for all to see. If you'd like to see some of the other participants, swing by and visit our lovely hosts to check out the links to all the Ask Away Friday Partcipants at:

This week I am partnering with Bernadyn from B is for where she blogs about her adorable family of 4, her love of all things crafty, and her amazingly delicious and often healthy(er) recipes. Check it out! Her baked goods look as good as they probably taste- I'm getting hungry just thinking about it...

Here we go!

1. I’ve only briefly been in New Jersey when our flight to New York landed there.  What’s your favorite thing about New Jersey?  What’s your least favorite?

I'm a proud Jersey girl, despite N-J getting a bad rap. I've heard all the "armpit of the country" insults and complained along with the rest of the natives about the bad press we received thank to the "Jersey Shore." In reality, Jersey has the best of everything. Where I live I'm close to Philly and New York, the same distance from the beach and some of the most beautiful mountains, mansions, and farm land you've ever seen. I love that we get to live all 4 seasons. Summer and winter aren't unbearable while Fall and Spring, though sometimes short, are absolutely beautiful. There isn't much I don't like about NJ, but I sometimes wish I wasn't born here, because it is SO expensive to live here.

2. How often do you visit New York and what do you usually do when you visit?
I don't go to the city nearly as much as I would like. I'm actually closer to Philly where I live now, though where I grew up Manhattan was just a 45min. train ride away. I was lucky to visit monthly as part of a Broadway Bound Kids club in Middle School, which allowed us the opportunity take a bus in and see a different play each month. Since then my husband and I go in at least once a year to see a show and I accompany my middle schoolers on trips to The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Recently, Rock of Ages is one of our favorite shows to see, but my favorite adventure was just a few months ago when I visited a friend who took us to "The McKittrick Hotel." It's a big warehouse in Chelsea that is home to a bunch of awesome bars and an interactive, immersion theatrical experience,  called Sleep No More which has planted itself at the top of my to-do list. While there, we visited The Heath a bar/restaurant decorated to the nines as an old train station. There you can eat in old train cars while listening to live music or head upstairs to Gallow Green, a whimsical, roof-top bar that felt like it was straight out of A Midsummer Nights Dream.
(Left Image and awesome description of the whole McKittrick experience, Right Image)
3. What is your favorite craft you have made so far?
Oh man, asking me to pick a favorite craft is like asking me to choose a favorite child. Actually, that might not be the best analogy because though my crafts are my babies, I would never leave my baby undeveloped and abandoned as I do to many of the crafts I start and never finish. SO...I'd have to say some of my all time favorites are the marquee letter and palette bird that are both part of my blog header. I made the marquee letter a while back and posted about just this week: DIY Marquee Letter. Sadly, it has since fallen apart because I didn't have it displayed securely in my house and after taking one two many tumbles, it just died. No problem though, I'm going to cut it out of wood next time and use actual metal around the edges (add that to my never-ending, crafty to-do list...) My palette bird is another fave and has gotten some pretty cool attention on Pinterest. Here's the whole story on that one from way back in 2012. It was actually my first DIY post and second post ever: Bird Silhouette on Palette.

4. What craft projects do you have lined up in the future that you are the most excited to finish?
Speaking of my crafty to-do mentioned, it is pretty much never-ending. I started a second palette project 2 summers ago. It still isn't finished and I explained my plans for it in a little "vlog" teaser way back when. It will eventually look something like the image below.

This is a pretty popular Pinterest pin. I already assembled the wood, distressed it, and wrote out the letters, I just have to paint it. Don't ask me why I ditch projects in the last phase. I have a short attention span, and even less available time, but I will get back around to it soon because I am planning to hang it in Vi's room when we re-do it this Christmas in a "big-girl" style. All in all, my favorite crafts are anything that will add to the style I am trying to develop in our home, so another one in the works that I go back to every so often is another "h" (I have a thing for letters...) This one is a bigger version of the little Anthropologie knock offs that I posted here: Anthro. Style Fabric Letter. I bought a "V" at Anthro for Violets room, but come Ruby time, they were sold out, so I made one. I have since made and even sold a bunch, but I lost steam (are you sensing a trend? I feel like such a slacker...) 

5. I wish I had been able to create a belly cast when I was pregnant.  Your work and all your art work looks so beautiful and creative!  What is your favorite belly cast painting you have done?
Thank you! I've actually only done two and I have 2 unfinished in my studio (surprise! Haha)
The first one I did for a friend who actually introduced me to the whole concept and the second one was for my sister's sister-in-law who is an OB-GYN. She was planning on hanging it in her office to advertise for me, but I honestly don't know how I would actually make a business out of that right now with the amount of time it takes. That one is my favorite of the two though. She wanted to make it look like Van Gogh's, Starry Night so it was a fun challenge to recreate the style of one of my favorite artists.

6. If you could paint a portrait of anyone famous, dead or alive, who would you choose and why?

I spent a lot of time thinking about this one. In a way I think it would be cool to paint one of the old masters like Van Gogh or DaVinci, but using the new technology we have today. I'd be all like, "Ok Mr. DaVinci, see this thing here? It's called a camera. I'll take your portrait via photo and draw from that, then give you a call when it's done!" I can imagine that sitting for a portrait to be painted was extremely frustrating for both the subject and artist. From a romanticized perspective though, maybe it would be more like Jack and Rose from Titanic. All come-hither tension and stuff. It might be pretty cool to go back to the good ol' fashioned ways! I have people ask me to paint them all the time. My high school gym teacher actually asked me to paint him naked on a horse. He was joking obviously, but I always wondered what someone would do with a painting like that? Hang it above their fireplace?

Anyway... Ian Someralder would be pretty cool to paint in real-time. If I'm going to sit and stare at someone for hours at a time, may as well enjoy the view, right? Plus he has amazing features. There 's a lot of energy in his whole look, it would be a fun challenge to try and capture that on canvas. Just those eyes alone would take at least an hour...Look at that smolder. I wonder if he owns any horses ;)
Photo Cred

7. I enjoyed your post and insight into Halloweenmas and the snowman with the pumpkin face!  It does feel like Christmas prepping starts earlier every year, here in our local stores, a few of them had Christmas items out in September and I did read somewhere last year when one of our local florists said they had to set everything up by September.  I enjoy November but this month does seem to be neglected even though Thanksgiving is an important holiday, too.  Does your family usually eat the same dishes at Thanksgiving?  What is one new dish you would love to eat this year?
It does, doesn't it? I'm a big offender of that this year too because I have this crazy idea to decorate my house all big bulbs, light up plastic figurines retro and I have to get a jump start on it if it's all going to come together. I am looking forward to Thanksgiving though. We do the standard fare: turkey, stuffing, green beans, yams (my personal fave! Mom makes them with marshmellows, walnuts and apple slices. It's amazing.) We generally have cranberry sauce from the can though and I wouldn't mind experiencing something unique and different in the way of cranberries this year. Any recipes, B?

8. What is your favorite dessert to eat at Thanksgiving?
I'm not a big pumpkin pie person. I like pumpkin in general, but not the pie version. Usually some warm apple pie and ice cream is my go-to, with a cup of coffee mixed with some Baileys. MMmmmm....

9. Teachers are such blessings in our children’s lives and I appreciate them so much more now that my son is in school so thank you for all you do.  Do you have a special teaching moment that stands out in your mind that you could share with us?
Thank you so much! It is nice to hear that, especially in the current situation we find ourselves in the midst of education reform. A lot of blame gets put on the teachers and I find that, though not all of us are blameless, over- testing our students, creating a one size fits all curriculum, and overall approach does nothing to actually help bridge an achievement gap. I am lucky to work in a building with some of the most devoted and talented professionals I've ever seen who all truly and dearly care about our students and enjoy coming to work each day. It is so hard to put my finger on a single moment that stands out. It means a lot to me when students who have moved on to the high school come back to my classroom and say how much they miss the art room. I work really hard to make it a place they love being and when they acknowledge that, it warms my heart. These kids make me laugh every single day. I love that I get to follow a group of students from their 6th to 8th grade year, and see them mature and grow. I love hearing a student say they are proud of their work, and most recently I tried out a new Pop Art project with my 6th graders that totally blew me away and surpassed my expectations. It was a very rewarding experience. 

10. What is something you hope to achieve with your blog in the next five years?
I would really like to say that in 5 years I will be using my blog as an adequate supplemental income, but right now I just want to make it through the next few months posting regularly without losing steam. I used to have some pretty grand bloggy dreams and they're not dead, just on hold for a bit.

So that's it! I hope you enjoyed reading my answers to Bernadyn's questions. I had a blast answering them! Don't forget to stop by "B is for" to see her answers to the 10 questions I asked her.

DIY Marquee Letter

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There have been a whole lot of these floating around Pinterest and the blogosphere lately, and though I will say that I made mine before actually noticing how popular they had become, there isn't anything in particular that makes this version any better than anyone else's. My best suggestion? If you're going to attempt this (and honestly, it's not that hard!) Do some research and see what works best for you. If you want something weather proof and durable, go for the wooden version with some outdoor lights. You can vary the size, change up the color- the possibilities are endless.

I happened to have some shiny mat board on hand (I have a storage closet in my classroom chalk full of paper scraps that have been sitting around for years,) some 2in. masking tape, a set of big bulb lights that I previously purchased at Target, and a bit of metallic paint making the total cost of this project $0 for me. Don't have any of those things? Some foam core works nicely too (about $2 at your local craft store.) If you include the lights and even the metallic paint, I'd say the whole project could cost about $30. Well worth the expense in the end and much cheaper than you would spend on the an actual marquee letter which are being sold for a pretty penny at designer boutiques and home stores as the popularity increases.

The Steps:

1- Pick your letter, pick a size and sketch it out. You can use a ruler to freehand it, or a projector always works well for lettering if you have one handy. A box cutter, sturdy Xacto knife, or a nice, sharp pair of scissors to cut it out and your ready to build the side walls.

2- You can see in the close up that my mat board was shiny on one side, white on the back. I was going for the old, rusted metal marquee look, so I measured and cut long, 3in. wide strips out of the same shiny mat board to create the outer walls.

3- Use 2in. masking tape to attach the side walls all the way around. This is where I would suggest avoiding curvy letters, and making the font a block letter. I had a few curves, and bending the mat board to follow the edges created wrinkles that I didn't love. I ended up being able to camouflage them, but better to avoid it from the start.

I had a student-grade bronze paint in the closet that was perfect for the rust color I was going for, so I did a test run on a scrap of the silver mat board to make sure it would look ok. I applied it using a big, flat paint brush and dabbed the paint on for a textured look. For depth and added detail, I added a bit of black tempera paint to the bronze to darken it and created those deeper brown tones. I was pleasantly surprised by the finished look. I was actually able to fool my students into thinking it was metal!

Now for the fun part- the bulbs! Take a second to count your light set and do a little simple math to make sure it will all be evenly spaced and you have enough cord in between each bulb to reach your holes. At this point, I flipped it over and used a sharpie to draw a dot where each hole would be cut, then used an Xacto knife to cut an "X" on top of each dot, and pushed the cord through (without the bulb.) Then, screw the bulb back in...and repeat!

Finishing Touches:

At this point you'll notice a whole lot of cord flopping around. Enter masking tape! Secure it all to the back to get it out of sight *just don't forget to make sure the plug is at the bottom of your letter and leave it loose to reach your outlet.* In the picture below you'll notice the masking tape is still visible around the outside. The last thing I did was use a gun-metal metallic paint to texture brush the white side and masking tape, the last step in the master disguise (you can vaguely see it in the picture of my kitchen down there.)

This was the point at which I could hardly contain my it up! I felt like Chevy Chase in "National Lampoons Christmas Vacation"  (a must-see classic around holidays) and even though I had checked the lights before I started, admittedly I was a little nervous it wouldn't light...

 BUT lo and behold- light up it did.

I had made it to fill a big open wall in my work-in-progress kitchen , but it ended up filling a hole in my heart. That little space that can only be filled by a craft that makes you give yourself a pat on the back and slowly let go of the disappointment left by crafting fails of DIYs past (and for me, there have been many.) Seriously though, I really love the industrial like feel it adds to my anything but industrial home. We light it up at night and the glow is really warm and welcoming. We've also used it to add a little flare to the backyard movie night we had in the beginning of the summer!

*A note of caution: Any time you combine paper and lights/heat, there runs the risk of increased fire hazard. Always check to make sure your lights are low-temperature and use for short amounts of time to prevent overheating*

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Ask Away Friday: Remember Me?

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Foreword: (so to speak)
I recently went through a really bad break up. You know the kind where you walk around with your heart in your throat, only comforted by a pint of Ben and Jerry's in bed and the full series of Felicity on Netflix? Since this break up I haven't left the house, avoided phone calls from friends I missed, and made up a million excuses for why I was avoiding life all together.

Eventually though, I had to resurface and experience that moment that is almost miserable enough to make you want to avoid it all together.
 It's all:
 "Hey guys" <waving shyly>....
 "remember me?" <damn this is awkward>

That's where I am right now. No I didn't actually end a relationship. At least not with a single human.
What I did do is kind of break up with my blog.

I haven't posted anything in 8 months. Haven't checked stats, or finished my still under construction "About Me" page. I went from finally getting paid sponsor opportunities and free stuff... to zero. That was never what I was in this for. To be honest, I barely knew what a blog was when I started one last summer. I was looking for a way to share my crafts with friends and family who asked about them, and the deepest part of me was secretly wishing that the right person might see what I do and ask me to craft and write for them as a paid gig that could be a secondary source of income. I didn't realize that I would get sucked in. I started learning more about the art of blogging and visiting other blogs to see how something was done. While there, I'd be all like, "Oooo that is cool. How do I do that?"
Commence hours and hours of research for the smallest silly detail.

At some point I started to wonder if anyone was really reading what I wrote. I could swear up and down that I was doing this for me, but no one was commenting. Traffic would occasionally go up, but I had know idea why or how and, dammit, I wanted more!

And I got that. I was lucky enough to meet a few amazing blogger friends right off the bat. We supported each other, promoted each other, and through it all connected with each other. We all recognized what we individually had to gain from out little network, but didn't take it for granted. We formed relationships and true bonds while trying to achieve a common goal that put us all on the same path. Though I'm speaking in past tense, luckily despite my sudden break up, these friends have continued to reach out, include me, and given me the occasional pep talk. I feel guilty for not being as involved in their day to day lives, or stopping by to comment on their posts each week, but when I made the decision to take a blogging break, I was relieved. I was putting an intense amount of pressure on myself, I had things I was neglecting that needed to get done, and no time to actually live moments worth blogging about, plus I had returned to my full time job. I needed a break and to be honest, it felt great to let it go for little while. I though it would be easy to pick back up, but it wasn't and I didn't really want to.

Anyway, if you've visited my blog before you know that my usual posts are full of crafty goodness for the home, and I have a lot I want to share with you. If you're new to The PWP, it's great to meet you. I hope you'll introduce yourself and take some time to look around. Read on for the Ask Away Friday post you probably stopped by for. Back in the early stage of this awesome link up I would never miss a week and thought it was the perfect opportunity to slowly delve back in to blogging.

Thank you so much to Stacey DeHaven Gannett over at for taking me on as a partners for this week! Without further ado...

1. What’s one thing you’d rather pay someone to do than do yourself? Why?
CLEAN!! Organize too. Oh my goodness, if I could afford a cleaning crew... <sigh> I really hate cleaning, and not general house maintenance, but cleaning up after my kids and husband. It is torture because it's the same thing over and over and over. Monotony is my enemy, I have never handled it well. When I clean up the playroom at the end of the night, and come home the next day to the same mess I want to tear my hair out. It doesn't help that I spend most days trying to get my middle schoolers to clean up after themselves in an art room.

2. Do you have a favorite story from your childhood that you have read to your kids?
Hmmm...I really love The Giving Tree by Shell Silverstein. I have tried to read it to my girls, but Rue doesn't have the patience and it's not about princesses so Vi isn't totally in to it yet. I do have a bunch of Care Bears books that she like to read and that always makes me smile. I really love watching some of my favorite Disney movies with her as well and she loves all the stories about the princesses.

3. What is your fondest dream that you have yet to accomplish?
I really try to be that person who acknowledges that all dreams are achievable, but to answer this question I will have to "categorize" because I totally dream of becoming famous in some way. Having a show on HGTV or crafting and writing for them is probably my ultimate. Right up there with being able to craft and reno. my house full-time with a blog that supports- that would be pretty awesome. I want to be the next Young House Love, but more like, Older House Love. TBH though, that dream goes in the long shot category. Some dreams that are more reachable are to get my Masters in Art Education, have a gallery exhibit of my art (of course I'd have to find some time to create some art I think is worth displaying) and to get this old house updated and decorated in all it's glory.

4. What are five things that you like to do for just you?
I'd love to take a trip to Colorado to visit a friend of mine who works out there on a dude ranch. It's a great reason to go somewhere I've never been and have always wanted to visit. I would also love a whole, uninterrupted day cooped up in my attic studio working on whatever strikes my fancy. Third, a mani, pedi and wax would be cool. Hmmm...a day of fun with my girlfriends, and lastly some QT with the hubs in one of our favorite places like New Hope, PA or Baltimore.

5. What is one guilty pleasure you enjoy too much to give up?
Beer. LOL. I have a lot of guilty pleasures that are embarrassing in some way, but my love of a nice cold beer makes me feel more guilty than anything because of the complete lack of nutritional value combined with my deep love for it. My immature tv show preference is a pleasure too, but I make no apologies for loving The Vampire Diaries or Once Upon a Time, so I can't call it a guilty one ;)

6. What is one thing that blogging has taught you about yourself? 
Blogging rekindled a love of writing that I didn't realize I had. I say rekindled because I've always been a writer, but I didn't realize how much I enjoyed it because it was always overshadowed by other talents that I focused on more. I've kept diaries for years and written stories, but not until I started blogging did I realize how therapeutic writing could continue to be for me as an adult.

7. What type of books are your favorite kind to read? What is your favorite book/author?
I am all about fiction. Especially paranormal romance series. I love the Fever series by Karen Marie Moning and The Gardella Vampire Chronicles by Colleen Gleason. Ever since the Twilight craze I am hesitant to admit that, but I've been reading the genre since I was a pre-teen and never really grew out of it, even when it became popular again. 

8. I am a super music junkie...What are the top 5 songs that are rockin out your playlist?
I love music too, and have a really eclectic mix of favorites. My top 5 favorite songs right now are
Geronimo by Sheppard:

Stolen Dance by Milky Chance

Centuries by Fall Out Boy

Get Out by Clare Dunn

Love Runs Out by One Republic

9. Do you have a favorite recipe from your childhood that you now make for your family?
Uh-oh. Ha-ha. No because I don't really cook. I hate admitting that, but it's true.

10. What dessert will you go for above any else?
Any! But Ice cream is my favorite especially anything with peanut butter!

Thanks Stacey for those awesome questions! Don't forget to stop by to check out how she answered the questions I asked her, including my signature hump, dump, marry <wink, wink>


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