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Ask Away Friday With Mrs.Tee

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It's Ask Away Friday again and my second week returning to my favorite link up. If you're not familiar with it, Ask Away Friday was created by my  girl Penny from The Real Housewife of Caroline County and is a weekly thang where bloggers get to know each other through swapping 10 questions which we post for all to see. If you'd like to see some of the other participants, swing by and visit our lovely hosts to check out the links to all the Ask Away Friday Partcipants at:

I'm especially excited this week to be partnering with my very first blogger buddy, Tiffany at Tiffany and I met during my first week exploring the world of blogging in a SITs Girls forum. Since then we have been part of the same blogging circle, video chatted, co-hosted blog hops, and been co-administrators of a fast growing Facebook page for Newbie Bloggers. I feel like we are truly friends with or without the computer screen between us, and her friendship has meant a lot to me (love ya Tiff!)

SO- here are the 10 awesome questions she asked me, and when you're done make sure to stop by and check out how she answered my questions.

Name 3 things within arms' reach of you right now. 
I am actually using a bit of my lunch time at work to get a few questions answered, so I am surrounded by "teacher stuff." So- we have my coffee mug. It was a gift from a friend and it has owls on it, which I love, and it also happens to be our school mascot. I also have a little Frida Kahlo sugar skull that my good friend and co-worker made for me while we were cooperating on a Dia de los Muertos lesson for our 6th graders this year. Lastly, there are pictures of my family and best friends that make me smile every day.

Describe yourself if you were a color. What color would you be and why?
Wow this is a tough one. I don't know if I can pick just one color! Ok, it would have to be purple. I've just always very deeply loved the color. Specifically a rich, deep, more bluish than red-ish, purple. It's funny because nothing in my house is purple, I don't often wear the color, but I just think it's beautiful. You know my daughter's name is Violet too, which was actually a choice made separately from my love for the color family. I think it sums up my personality too because it's feminine, but not as distinctively girly as pink. It's a deep color, and vibrant, but in a understated way and I can relate to that.

If you could have any Art/Craft supply with no care to cost what would it be?
Hmmm...I would really love to have all the materials necessary for a glass studio. I only have basic working knowledge of what it all entails beyond a hunk of money, lots of space, and proper ventilation and safety precautions, but I think it would be pretty cool to have a studio space devoted to it.

When is the last time you went shopping just for you? What did you buy?
We went to Old Navy the other day with the intention of picking out some winter clothes for Violet (and eventually Ruby.) I have a shopping problem so it's very hard for me to resist when I fall in love with something in a store, BUT I saw this sweater that was just perfection. It wasn't a shopping trip made just for me, but it was something that was purchased just because I loved it. It wasn't bought for practicality or necessity.

Who's your current celebrity crush?
I have a bunch that are my staples. Ryan Reynolds is my all-time fave and I just can't see anyone taking his place for me, but I also love Chris Hemsworth who was recently names sexiest man alive apparently. Then there's James McAvoy, who doesn't really follow suit with Ryan and Chris, but I just love the character he plays in so many of his movies, especially Becoming Jane and Penelope. So yeah, those 3 are my "go tos" BUT currently I am obsessed with Hook from Once Upon a Time (Colin O'Donoghue) and am falling back in love with Scott Foley thanks to Scandal. We have a history Scott and me. I've loved him since he was Nole Crane in Felicity, so I'm really excited to be watching him kill it in another show.
Collage of hotness: image 1, image 2, image 3, image 4, image 5

Flats, Sneakers or Boots?
I'm not a sneakers person AT ALL. I have one pair and I don't really like to wear them. I know I should, and if (and this is a rare if) I'm working out, something else I know I should do more, I wear them. I love a good boot in the fall and winter though, and when I'm not wearing those I have on my Minnetonka Moccasins or flip flops in the summer.

Thanksgiving is next week. When do you start cooking: the night before or morning of?
Ummm... <sheepish smile> I don't. I pretty much don't really cook in general sooo...yeah. But I'm pretty sure my mom starts cooking a bit the night before. I did make the mashed potatoes last year though. This year we are handling desserts and I was thinking I'd try and fun cranberry dish...Still looking for a recipe though!

What was your most memorable Thanksgiving and why?
I really miss some of the traditions of yesteryear. Like back in college when we all would gather at the local pub on Thanksgiving eve for mini high school reunion. It was so much fun running in to people you haven't seen in a long time. It would get packed, like line out the door packed, but it was always a great time. Most of all though, I miss the tradition I used to do with a small group of some of my best friends. It started in 2002 when we all lived together at Rutgers University. We would all go to our respective homes and do our family Thanksgiving, usually having an early dinner. Then later on when we all got home, we'd bust out the leftovers from all the different meals and eat all over again. It was always accompanied by lots of laughs and some booze, and as the years went on we would look forward to certain dishes. We continued this for years after college and I think the last one we had was 4 or more years ago. Sadly, many of us live far away and/or have families and for now it makes things a little harder, but I'm sure we'll do it again some day. Still, I miss it a lot. Here's a pic the night of our leftovers night from 2006:

I know we both love music. If you could pick one song to be the theme to the TV show based on your life what would it be?
It would have to be "Follow Your Arrow" by Kacie Musgraves. I love the song and I truly believe in the message.

Would you rather lose your sense of smell or taste? Why?
Definitely smell. I have a friend who doesn't have sense of smell (it's actually more common than you'd think) she was born that way and gets along just fine without it, but taste? No way. I love food. Not being able to taste it is torture. I've lost my sense of taste before temporarily when I've had a bad cold and it is the worst.

That's that! Don't forget to stop b y to check out Tiffany's answers to my questions and all the great bloggers we have participating in this week's Ask Away Friday. See you next week! Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!


  1. Hi Lovie!! So wonderful catching up with you! I love all your answers. That owl mug is so cute - I have had to stop myself from buying more and more mugs. It's become an addiction :D Your artwork and eye for it always amazes me.OMGosh how could I forget the guy from OUAT??? He is lovely!!

    I so wish I didn't have to cook anymore. Eh! Lucky you! I've seen a few great Cranberry Recipes as desserts - check out my Thanksgiving Pinterest Board...LOL Not that I'll make any of them myself. ;)

    Great song always :D

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  2. Thanks Tiff! It was fun to exchange with my oldest bloggy bud. You sure are a hard worker and a wealth of knowledge on the subject. I may be using that a bit as I try to get back in to the groove! I will check out your board of course. Man I love Pinterest.

  3. Wow, I love that deep purple! Also, great choices for your collage of hotness.

  4. I would answer purple as well. It is the best color (royal, after all) and vibrant and lovely and so awesome that I painted the walls of my library purple. Yep, that's how I roll.

    Julie @

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